Westworld Effed Me Again

Goddamnit.  I hate when I do this.  I let myself get sucked back into a TV show that has wronged me in the past, because they come up with something new and enticing to pull me back in … and then they screw me sideways harder than they ever did the first time.  And I go into it knowing full well that this will be the result, but I do it anyway.  I’ve just constantly got that tiny ray of hope that this time it’ll go differently, and I’m not sure it has ever actually happened.  Insert clown meme here.  And the season of television I’m referring to here – Westworld season 3 – really did properly suck me back in; I mostly found it quite enjoyable until the tragic but predictable moment of my demise towards the end.

And as a side note, I thought for a second that I could blame the lockdown for how angry the show made me (i.e. not enough other activities to keep me occupied), but then I came to my senses.  Who am I kidding?  All you have to do is look at this blog to see that I get this angry (and/or exhilarated) with TV shows on the reg.  It is called Fangirls Anonymous, after all.  On the upside, you have to go back on the blog over a year to see me this angry about another TV show (GFYS, Jason Rothenberg!).  So.  Progress!

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Review: Captain Marvel

I’ve got nothing to prove to you.

One of the primary themes of Captain Marvel is the way Carol a.k.a. Ver’s mentor/boss Yon-Rogg uses misogynistic mind games (and, well, a literally chip in her neck) to perpetually dampen her powers and hold her down.  Once she comes to this realization, she tells him in their final showdown: “You know what?  Fuck off, I don’t need to waste my time trying to prove myself to you anymore.”  I’m paraphrasing this PG-13 movie obviously, but that’s the gist.  And it’s part of the entire point of the movie.  It’s ironic, then, that I’ve spent the past month tracking Captain Marvel‘s box office receipts for the express purpose of proving all the pathetic misogynist trolls – who tried so very hard to tank this movie – that they are wrong stupid impotent garbage boys.  Of course, I want Marvel’s first lady superhero movie to be successful regardless, but my motivations here are probably about equal between the two.

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Angry Man Tears: The Captain Marvel Edition

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fangirl-related on this blog.  Last August I came to the realization that I’d wasted so much time reviewing The 100 for 3 seasons that I’ve been put off from ever wanting to review anything again.  I’ve even had a few urges to delete every 100 review I’ve ever written, for fear that some poor unsuspecting noob will come across them and be totally misled.  Sigh.  I guess from now on, the safest bet is to review a) movies and b) TV shows that have already finished airing, so you can be certain they won’t shit the bed later.  As for The 100, I suppose I at least managed to provide some people with some good laughs and catharsis as we all came to the terrible realization of what a sadistic asswipe Jason Rothenberg truly is.

Anywho.  Since then I’ve joined many The 100 refugees and binged Queen of the South (USA) and 12 Monkeys (SyFy).  The beauty of 12 Monkeys is that it finished its 4-season run in 2018, so I could be guaranteed before watching that it was a known quantity to everyone who’d recommended it to me.  And I’m glad they did – I normally hate time travel stories, but what a thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful and heartfelt little show it was.  I’ve quite enjoyed Queen of the South too, but it’s 3 seasons in and still has more seasons to come, so it still has the potential to go off the rails at some point.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t go haywire.

So here we are now in late Feb/early March 2019, and Captain Marvel is the next big MCU flick due to hit the big screen.  Lady superhero movies are so rare that I’m always excited and hopeful any time a new one is due out.  And no, I don’t count the ensemble flicks where the female superheroes play second and third fiddle.  I’m talking about the ones where they are the titular character – the HBIC.  The last one of these we got was 2 years ago with Wonder Woman.  And before that it was … uhhhh … errr … Supergirl in 1984?  I honestly don’t even know.  Oh right, eek, Catwoman.  Oh shit, Elektra!  Aggh.  This is starting to make me wonder if there literally has ever been a quality lady superhero movie before Wonder Woman.  I think no?  Suffice it to say, there’s a ton riding on Captain Marvel at this point.  We’re in dire need of Good Lady Superhero Movie #2 in the extremely short history of lady superhero movies.

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To Becky, Megan, Ryan and Taylor, on the P-word

I wrote most of this post in mid-July 2018 after a conversation at dinner with family on our annual summer vacay, about politics.  I wanted to follow up with my (much-younger-than-I) cousins on the conversation that was somewhat started during dinner.  I typed about 90% of it and then of course got busy with the actual vacay and never finished or posted it.  Now that we’re getting very close to November, this week seems like the perfect time to get it out there.  Here it is:

Alright since Sue brought up politics on this trip (it’s all her fault! 😉 ) and we talked about it briefly, I’m just gonna get on my soap box just once to you guys and then I’ll stop.  Heh.

I know when you’re young politics seems obnoxious and kinda terrible and sometimes silly, especially in the age of Trump.  And I had said at dinner that no matter how painful it is, it’s also the backbone of a democratic society – it’s what keeps us functioning, for better or for worse.  But what’s more important to point out is the fact that you guys personally will be pretty unaffected by most outcomes of elections.  You are upper class and white, and you’re moving (update: have now moved) to California, a very progressive state that allows it to run reasonably independently of what’s going on at the national level.  This will protect you fairly well from problematic policies in other states, e.g. the ones that might still manage to negatively affect the three-quarters of you who are women.

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Review: ‘The 100’ S5 Finale: “Damocles Pt. 2”

I’m done lol.  I’m so done that I actually don’t even need to bother to write a proper review because I won’t waste any more time than I’ve already wasted on this show this season.  I’m so let down by this thing that it makes me literally never want to get into any TV show ever again.  I’ve been hugely disappointed by shows I’ve loved in the past, but never like this.  The upside is that it’s only taken me about 3 weeks to go from loving this show with all my heart to to being able to just quit cold turkey.  Like boom, done.  I mean obviously I didn’t want it to go this direction because it’s heartbreaking, but if the show had to shit the bed, I’m glad it just did it all at once.  I’m glad I didn’t get baited to waste my time again in season 6.  Now I can just be free of this nonsense.  It feels like a relief and a weight off my shoulders.  Aahh.

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Review ‘The 100’ Ep 5.12: “Damocles Pt. 1”

The 100 fandom is tired.  Real tired.  Exhausted.  Like, right on the brink of throwing in the towel.  I’ve never seen them in a state like this before.  Granted, I didn’t start watching the show until season 3 (I binged seasons 1 and 2 a couple months before S3).  So I don’t know what things were like with the fandom in the first couple seasons, but it was still early on then and things were still just getting started.  You knew if your favorite storylines weren’t going well, that you still had time for things to improve and progress in a good direction.  You knew if there were a few eps that weren’t your cup of tea, the show would probably get back to business as usual soon.  Things were still new and fresh.  The show had plenty of time to adjust and course-correct as things evolved.  Nothing that happened, good or bad, felt like the be-all-end-all of anything.  Even during the shitstorm of season 3A (err, granted, unless you were a Lexa fan).

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.11: “The Dark Year”

Maybe if those people jello cubes hadn’t been so large and the camera focus so close up as to make poor Octavia trying to chomp into the giant jiggly things look kinda comical.

Maybe if the climactic bunker flashback scene hadn’t been quite so … extra – They couldn’t just try to force Bob the Grounder guy eat a person, it had to also be his brother.

“But Blodreina my brother Greg just died in the fighting pits yesterday …”


Truth be told, there’s a lot of things going on here that go far beyond a couple campy scenes.  Any show like this can easily veer into cheese territory if everything isn’t perfectly firing all cylinders.  If you’re even slightly annoyed by other facets of the show, stuff like this starts to make you roll your eyes.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.10: “The Warrior’s Will”

Since this has been such a rollercoaster week for The 100 fans, I’ll preface this post by saying that I wrote most of it on the night of episode 5.10 and then in the couple days following.  Then on Saturday Bob and Eliza swept into SDCC to smooth things over a bit and to add some happiness back into the fandom, though it doesn’t change my opinion at all on the type of content that’s going to be delivered to us in the last 3 eps of the season (i.e. probably not what we’re looking for other than a crumb or two).  But just for context, the fandom was still about as far down in the gutter as we’ve ever been when I wrote this post/review.  I think it adds to the anger levels I had while typing it.  Heh.  Here it is:

Gosh.  I do not envy people who review this show – and who also tend to enjoy it for similar aspects as I do – who have to review it in an unbiased manner this week.  It’s been a rough, rough week for what I’m pretty sure is the biggest chunk of the fanbase this show has left after it lost most of the Lexa/Clexa fans in 2016.  And what a complete mindfuck really, considering how unfazed I remained through last week’s extremely disturbing ep.  I saw 5.09 as something that was very painful and unfortunate but also necessary to drive the story forward.  I was worried that it was happening so late in the season, but shit, at least it was/is happening.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.09: “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve ever done before: I’m typing the opener to my ep 5.09 review before it airs.  The reason I’m doing this is that Jason Rothenberg, The 100‘s showrunner, has tweeted several things in the lead-up to this ep that indicate he’s expecting it’ll cause the fandom to blow up in a bad way.  His first tweet on the topic said the ep will “probably start a riot.”  Lord.  His next tweet about the ep, a few days later, reminded the fans to “keep in mind that [the last 5 eps] are a roller coaster, not a chu-chu train.”  And then a couple days after that, he got back on Twitter and was very up in his feelings with some vague tweets about “fandom blindspots” and people being so “convinced in their own rightness that they reject the truth.”  Hrrmm.  This may be a reaction to Echo hate in his mentions, probably having ramped up over the weekend in response to an ep 5.09 sneak peak he tweeted.  Just speculation on my part.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.08: “How We Get to Peace”

Man, this show is exhausting.

Season 5 of The 100 should be called “All Bellamy’s Bitches.”  O.k. that’s probably too misogynist-sounding for 2018 but I’m thinking of it as an early-90’s rap song.  He’s juggling hoes in different area codes.  Like seriously, the entire middle part of the season has been devoted to this.  He’s saving Clarke from Diyoza, he’s saving Octavia from the bunker, he’s holding Octavia off from killing Echo, he’s holding Octavia off from attacking Diyoza, he’s holding Clarke back from killing O, and he’s poisoning O to stop her from killing Clarke.  What’s next for him?  Standing awkwardly in the same room with Clarke and Echo once they’re all back in Eden?  Stopping O from trying to kill both of them again once she gets back on her feet?  No doubt.

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