To Becky, Megan, Ryan and Taylor, on the P-word

I wrote most of this post in mid-July 2018 after a conversation at dinner with family on our annual summer vacay, about politics.  I wanted to follow up with my (much-younger-than-I) cousins on the conversation that was somewhat started during dinner.  I typed about 90% of it and then of course got busy with the actual vacay and never finished or posted it.  Now that we’re getting very close to November, this week seems like the perfect time to get it out there.  Here it is:

Alright since Sue brought up politics on this trip (it’s all her fault! 😉 ) and we talked about it briefly, I’m just gonna get on my soap box just once to you guys and then I’ll stop.  Heh.

I know when you’re young politics seems obnoxious and kinda terrible and sometimes silly, especially in the age of Trump.  And I had said at dinner that no matter how painful it is, it’s also the backbone of a democratic society – it’s what keeps us functioning, for better or for worse.  But what’s more important to point out is the fact that you guys personally will be pretty unaffected by most outcomes of elections.  You are upper class and white, and you’re moving (update: have now moved) to California, a very progressive state that allows it to run reasonably independently of what’s going on at the national level.  This will protect you fairly well from problematic policies in other states, e.g. the ones that might still manage to negatively affect the three-quarters of you who are women.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.10: “The Warrior’s Will”

Since this has been such a rollercoaster week for The 100 fans, I’ll preface this post by saying that I wrote most of it on the night of episode 5.10 and then in the couple days following.  Then on Saturday Bob and Eliza swept into SDCC to smooth things over a bit and to add some happiness back into the fandom, though it doesn’t change my opinion at all on the type of content that’s going to be delivered to us in the last 3 eps of the season (i.e. probably not what we’re looking for other than a crumb or two).  But just for context, the fandom was still about as far down in the gutter as we’ve ever been when I wrote this post/review.  I think it adds to the anger levels I had while typing it.  Heh.  Here it is:

Gosh.  I do not envy people who review this show – and who also tend to enjoy it for similar aspects as I do – who have to review it in an unbiased manner this week.  It’s been a rough, rough week for what I’m pretty sure is the biggest chunk of the fanbase this show has left after it lost most of the Lexa/Clexa fans in 2016.  And what a complete mindfuck really, considering how unfazed I remained through last week’s extremely disturbing ep.  I saw 5.09 as something that was very painful and unfortunate but also necessary to drive the story forward.  I was worried that it was happening so late in the season, but shit, at least it was/is happening.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.07: “Acceptable Losses”

Welp, I guess those worms from 5.05 turned out to be more than just a cheap one-ep thrill, eh?  More than we can say for our dear Vinson, who I miss already.  Maybe he’ll show up again later, when we’re least expecting it.  Fingers crossed.

If there’s any one statement that perfectly describes where I’m at with The 100 right now, it’s this:

Panic-watching is precisely what I’m doing right now.  Because while I am finding our unprecedented lack of knowledge on what’s ahead in the second half of the season kind of exhilarating, this situation also makes for very nerve-racking episode-viewing experiences.  I’m so anxious about where this is all gonna go that I’m over analyzing every scene, every interaction, and every minute detail.  I’m constantly calculating how things may get from point A to point B in the remaining eps, and whether they will even be headed to point B at all, or if they might go to an unexpected point C.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.05: “Shifting Sands”

Damn, dude.  How long has it been since any of my favorite shows have had a 5-episode winning streak like this?  Have they ever?  With every episode I go into this season, I’m absolutely certain this is gonna be the one that sucks.  We have to get there at some point.  We always do.  Next week must be the suck week, but for now, we’re still on a roll.

“Shifting Sands” was written by Nick Bragg, who apparently was Jason Rothenberg’s assistant only a couple years ago, and this was his very first ep of television.  I was reading Selina Wilken’s review today and she makes a great point that the ep was so good/fun that it was almost annoying (I’d even say obnoxious heheh), not even because Nick is new so much as because he’s apparently already moved onto another job.  So I guess we won’t get any more eps from him.  Which sucks, because again as Selina points out, I think the gift he really gave to us all here, other than just a fun creepy ep with some hilarious lines, was that he allowed our favorite characters to speak very frankly with each other in a way that rarely happens on most TV shows, let alone this one.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Season 5 Premiere: “Eden”

Shew.  That’s right.  Now that is the season premiere my protagonist deserves.  And I really really hope this bodes well for the rest of the season.  It’s been a rough couple seasons for our dear Clarke: She spent most of the first half of season 3 refusing to go back to Arkadia, and instead just kinda shuffling around Polis trying to make deals and grease the wheels behind the scenes for her Skaikru and her boo Lexa.  It was only from like the very end of ep 3.10 onwards that she was able to get back out there into the action again and be her best self.  Then for most of season 4, she had to trudge through an endless slog of the most mundane, frustrating and thankless aspects of leadership, trying to save humanity from Praimfaya and from itself.  She almost lost her own marbles along the way too; going nearly rotten and causing me to angrily write a post titled “Clarke is an Asshole Now” after ep 4.10.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Season 4

Preface: I wrote 95% of this post back in June or July of 2017, not long after The 100 season 4 ended.  I didn’t quite finish it and then I got busy with general life stuff, and never came back to finish the last couple sections.  Life has been too crazy, but somehow in the torturous last couple weeks before season 5 finally starts, I’ve been feeling The Hundy fever and finishing this review is a decent way to give myself a little 100 entertainment while I wait.  So when you read this, keep in mind that I wrote most of it a good 8 months ago, before we knew anything at all about season 5 other than what we got in the last couple minutes of the finale.  Here goes:

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How The Women’s Convention Capped Off a Demoralizing Week for Women

O.k. look, I’m gonna be honest with you, I had no clue there was a Women’s Convention happening this month until today, and I probably should have known this.  I’m lame.  The reason I didn’t know is because I don’t follow the @WomensMarch Twitter account.  I’ll get to that in a bit, but first I’ll explain: You see, the organizers of the Women’s March are also organizing a Women’s Convention to be held on the weekend of October 27th in Detroit.  Awesome!  I went balls-out (figuratively) for the Women’s March in January (we marched in California; I guess we weren’t hardcore enough to fly cross-country, but still).  The protest signs my cousin and I painstakingly spent hours making are actually still sitting behind me because I haven’t figured out what the heck to do with them and I don’t want to throw them away.  Point being, it was a gloriously cathartic day that brought a little hope to a very dark time (the start of Trumpistan) and it never would have happened without the organizers of the Women’s March and all the local organizers they coordinated with in each city to bring together this global event.  Because of the meticulous planning that went into it, the thing went off without a hitch.  No chaos, no fights, no cars on fire, nothing.  There are a lot of reasons why that was, but airtight organization was a key factor.

The Women’s Convention later this month looks like it has some great sessions and workshops scheduled, such as:

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Wave of Mutilation: ‘The 100’ Season 4 Finale Review

Cease to resist, giving my goodbyyyye
Drive my car into the ooocea … ha hun
You’ll think I’m dead!  But I sail awayyy hay hay … hay hay!
On a wave of mutilation
A wave of mutilation
Wave of mutilation
Way … hay hay … hay haaayvvve
Way … hay hay … hay haaayvvve

I’ve had this song in my head all week going into this season finale, and now that I’ve seen the ep, it turns out that the somewhat nonsensical lyrics actually fit the episode shockingly well.  Clarke had to give up her hope of getting to the Ark and say goodbye to her friends.  She then rode out the death wave (definitely more of a fire-based wave than a water-based wave in Clarke’s case, but close enough).  Everyone thinks she’s dead!  But she “sails” away, which in her case probably means that she does a good amount of earth-searching to find livable land.  I’ve got a lot of questions on how that even works, but I’ll get to that later.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.12: “The Chosen”

OMG.  Wait.  What is that weird sensation I’m feeling right now … I’m not sure I’m familiar with it.  Hmmm … could it be … is it even possible to feel … hope?  What is hope?  I don’t know her.

Well … I might, maybe have a very vague memory of her.  Like from back in the days of … gosh.  It’s been a long time not only in the world of The 100, but in real life.  On a day when we watched the Trump administration start to crack more than ever before (appointment of the special counsel to investigate possible Russia shadiness, a leaked tape from Paul Ryan and the House Majority Leader talking shit about Trump and Putin, revelations of the admin’s knowledge of Flynn being under investigation when they hired him, etc. etc.) … it felt fitting that we finally got a glimmer of hope not only in real life, but on The Hundy.  We’ve had a damn bleak year in this real world, and likewise its been a fittingly bleak season of The 100.  We need a teeny glimpse of a faint light at the end of the tunnel every now and then.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.11: “The Other Side”

Uhh … wow.  Considering how much I’ve wanted to murder Jasper all season, I sure did find myself a blubbering mess when he actually died tonight.  I was not expecting that.  I mean, I guess I’m not sure what I expected, but I was so sick of him dragging everyone else down for the past 11 episodes, on top of several stretches of season 3, that I was just ready to move on.  So I didn’t necessarily consider all the history it would dredge up when it actually did happen.  Well o.k. I should be careful how I word this so as not to be entirely insensitive, as I know the kid was depressed.  My point is just that I still think the writers could have handled/treated him better.  I know I’ve talked mad shit about him this season but the entire reason I’m angry is that Jasper was once a great and vital character on this show.  Thus it feels like he should’ve been treated better on his way out.  Anyway I’ll talk more about that in a sec.  There was a lot happening in this ep, as always, and overall I think it was actually quite a good episode, but I also think some stories were fleshed out better than others.  I’ll get into that too.

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