Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.07: “Gimme Shelter”

Back in the Covert Affairs days, we had a running joke that every episode the writers/cast/crew hyped up like crazy ahead of time was almost guaranteed to be shitty.  And conversely, the ones you barely heard much about stood a better chance of being enjoyable.  The 100 has fallen into this trap before: ep 3.04 is the one that comes to mind; it was super hyped up and the Lexa/Roan fight was awesome, but they must’ve put all their energy towards that one element, because in every other aspect it was one of the worst eps of the series.  Other than 3.04 though, this show had a pretty good track record last season of hyping up the right episodes from what I recall.  I unfortunately can’t comment on seasons 1 or 2 because I didn’t watch those live.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.06: “We Will Rise”

Uuuummmm …. hmm.  Well …. errgh.  This episode reminds me a lot of ep 3.02 last season: “Wanheda Part II”.  Hah, if you go look at my review for that ep, you can even see that I started it off almost the exact same way.  It looks like that ep did not have the same director or writer, but for whatever reason the issues I had with both of these eps were very similar.  And ep 4.06 in particular already had 2 things going against it before it even aired:

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.05: “The Tinder Box”

the_100_405-1Uuhhhh … WOW.  I gotta say, for as much as I pay attention to The 100 news and trailers and interviews and teasers and the occasional straight-up spoiler that pops up on Twitter, I am honestly shocked at how much the show has managed to surprise me this season.  Like … before tonight’s episode, each ep gave me maybe one decently-sized surprise.  But the thing about tonight’s episode is that both major storylines ended up taking the entire season in a wildly different direction than I ever imagined.  Granted, I am not the type who does much speculating; I purposely try to avoid this because I want to just enjoy the ride and be surprised.  But still, when I’m this obsessed with a show, it’s impossible not to at least speculate a little bit as I read hints and spoilers along the way.  And still none of those hints or spoilers got me to where we are now.

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