2014 Stuff I Liked: Music

I’m starting off this blog by pointing to several posts from my old blog, just to get it started.  Because I plan to do another one of these posts for 2015, I’ll post my 2014 “Stuff I Liked” lists here as well.  Here is the Music one, from December 29th of last year.

I created this blog to use for basically anything and everything that I fangirl over, including TV, music, movies, books, whatever.  But I find that at any given moment, I only have enough time and energy to actually write about one thing I’m currently fangirling at a time.  I do Covert Affairs reviews over at GeekFurious that real people actually read and care about, which means I can’t slack off on it.  So when I’m doing those every week, I don’t have time for much else other than my day job and my actual life.  (Note: This statement was true in late 2014 when I wrote it, but sadly Covert was cancelled only a week or so after this.  Sniffle.)

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