Westworld Blabbings: The Characters

westworld-s1e10-1_croppedThis is part 2 of my “Westworld Blabbings” blog post, which I split into 2 separate posts just because it was getting too long.  Part 1 is just my general reaction to the show along with the intro to this post, and this post will get into my list of favorite Westworld characters.  So if you’re interested in my general yapping about Westworld, start with part 1.  If all you care about is your favorite character(s), you can just read this one.

SPOILER WARNING: DO NOT READ THIS if you have not yet watched the show.  These blog posts spoil practically everything.  If you haven’t seen the show and you read past here then you are a dummy.

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Westworld Blabbings

ww_dolores_fan_art1I made Westworld my Christmas break binge show this year and now I gotta do some blabbing about it.  K?  No one will even read this, I just need to get it off my chest.  Thank the TV gods that I finally listened to everyone who begged me to watch, because I moved from “O.k. I’ll check this out” to “I am completely obsessed” within 2 or 3 eps.  What initially held me back from checking out the show was that the premise had seemed … well actually my problem wasn’t that I wasn’t interested in the premise, it was that I was trying so hard to shield myself from spoilers that I didn’t even have enough info to *understand* the basic premise.  All I knew is that it was a western and it was also sci-fi.  Which … is not a genre combo that I recall having a successful history.  Does it?

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