Review: ‘The 100’ S3 Finale: “Perverse Instantiation Pt. 2”


“We’ll figure something out.  We always do.”

OMG it took Clarke soooo long to just get the show on the road with that goddamn kill switch!!  I was about to have a nervous breakdown.  Anyway.  Wow.  That was a pretty damn good finale.  It was a win for me not just because it was a great episode, but also because I actually got to watch it.  I swear there is some sort of TV fangirl curse on me that causes me to always be out of town when finales of my favorite shows air.   I was in London when the Covert Affairs S4 summer finale aired, and I was in NYC last June when Jon Snow got murdered on the shitty low-def TV in my hotel room (but that time I was lucky enough to at least be able to watch the ep when it aired).  This time, I was on a business trip to North Carolina, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be back in my hotel room in time to watch The 100 finale.  But luckily I was and the hotel actually had the CW channel in HD.  Plus I got to watch it in “real time”, i.e. Eastern Time!  When I’m at home I always have to avoid the internet for 3 hours till it airs here.  So, it really was a win all around.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.15: “Perverse Instantiation Pt. 1”

The_100_315-6GOD, Jaha.  FUCK YOU.  GO AWAY.  I’M SICK OF YOUR SHIT.

Jesus, this episode had me shitting my pants literally every second of the way through it.  I yelled at my TV multiple times, while my husband was trying to sleep, “NNNOOOOO STTOPPPP!!  DON’T!!!  DON’T DO IT!!”  The bedroom door was closed and he didn’t complain to me this morning, so hopefully that means I didn’t wake him up.  I’ll tell you which parts of the ep I yelled at when I get to them here.  I’m rewatching the ep now, like I always do when I write my reviews.

Let’s talk details.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.14: “Red Sky at Morning”

The_100_314-1Dang dude.  The 100 is on a roll.  “Red Sky at Morning” was a frustrating episode in terms of progression (or lack thereof) in taking down Jaha and ALIE, but it was also a really well-done and entertaining ep.

I’m writing this review way late because I was out of town starting Friday for a long weekend, so I’m going to keep this one relatively brief.  Here’s the highlights:

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.13: “Join or Die”

The_100_313-1Sigh.  Aaaahhhhhh.  Sigh.


Man … after a shaky middle of the season, particularly around the timeframe of eps 3.08 and 3.09, when I was starting to wonder if things would ever look up again for our faves, The 100 seems to be back on track and really on a roll after doing the smartest thing they could have done by getting our originals back together again.  The 100 is at its best when our Delinquents are working together to try to solve some impossible problem, and that is exactly what the second half of season 3 seems to be about.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the last couple eps leading into this, and of the last three, I think “Join or Die” is the best one so far.

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