Generation X: The Jan Brady of Generations

It’s time for me to rant again.  I started this rant on Twitter, but at some point I realized that I still had too much more I wanted to say, and trying to do it in tweet form would just drive everyone insane.  So I’m turning it into a blog post.

Here is how it started.  Yesterday (I’m starting to type this post on Jan 12th), I went looking for a tweet on someone’s page that someone else had posted a screenshot of.  The subject was something completely unrelated to the topic of this blog post; I don’t even remember what it was.  But I was on the dude’s Twitter page, and as I scrolled through to try to find the tweet I was looking for, I came across this, which he had RTed (I’m going to screencap this so the quoted tweet will show up correctly):

Seeing this instantly put me off, to the point where my coworker started trying to say something to me and I was still so irked looking at this tweet that I wasn’t listening to her.  I shook my head and stopped looking at this dude’s Twitter feed and never found the original tweet I was looking for.

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