Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.06 “Bitter Harvest”


GASP!!  I … I … I think I need to watch this episode again.  It’s like the 100 writers decided that “Bitter Harvest” would be the one where they put all their shocking twists for season 3.  There were definitely some fun “What what whaaattt!!??” moments here, but I’m not 100% sure I understood what the hell was happening with all the A.L.I.E. plot points.  I mean o.k. let’s review: A.L.I.E. nukes the world, A.L.I.E. has a v2.0 and it’s somewhere on the Ark, v2.0 either was or wasn’t created because v1.0 had … let’s say … some high severity bugs … v2.0 can’t be found on the Ark … oops the Ark actually had a 13th station (Dun dun duunnnn!!) and it was … shot down, for some reason?  And Station 13 is POLarIS … POLIS!!  DUN.  DUN.  DDUUUNNNNN.  Also Murphy’s super good at being tortured.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.05: “Hakeldama”

The_100_305_1OH … uuhh… OH o.k. … I didn’t … WOW.  That was … that went in an entirely different direction than I expected.  Well, maybe not entirely, but significantly, at least for a couple of the major storylines.  Particularly the ending.

You want to know irony?  Irony is the fact that in “Hakeldama”, my historically least favorite storyline on the series suddenly felt like my only hope of salvation for season 3.  I’m talking about Jaha, if that’s not obvious.  And it’s fitting, considering that Jaha seems to consider himself something of a prophet at this point.  Look, I love his lunacy, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that when he’s not hallucinating babies and throwing people into the jaws of sea monsters, we’ve gotten long stretches of him just wandering around the desert on the way to imaginary places that don’t seem to exist.  During these stretches, his storyline has tended to feel like it’s just slowing down the momentum of the others.  Season 3 has picked up a bit for him now with A.L.I.E., but then he wasn’t even in eps 3.03 or 3.04.  And yet, the second he comes back to Arkadia, I suddenly find myself clinging to him as my only ray of hope to throw dumbass mother effer Pike off his psychotic game, and thus to save the Skaikru from their own stupidity.  Maybe Jaha really is the savior he claims to be.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.04: “Watch the Thrones”

The_100_304_1Aaaannnnnnd here it is.  The moment I’ve been dreading since season 3 of The 100 began.  The moment when it has become apparent that someone brought some crack into the writers’ room on a particular day, and it just so happened to be the day they were fleshing out Bellamy’s season 3 story arc.  When the hell are TV writers going to learn that you can’t just do whatever the heck you want with a character with no regard whatsoever for who you’ve spent seasons building them up to be?  Oh wait, I just remembered, they (and I don’t mean just The 100 writers here, I mean ALL TV writers) absolutely can do this, and they do, on a regular basis.

“Whatever the hell we want!” -TV writers

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.03 “Ye Who Enter Here”

The_100_303Well now.  That was not quite what I expected.  Especially after last week’s episode, in which I was certain that something ridiculously awful was going to happen this week on The 100.  Something like, a beloved character would do something completely nonsensical, and unforgivable, and be ruined forever.  And in order to justify the out-of-character behavior, the story would include a plot device so obvious that we’d all be left, jaws agape, at how the 100 writers could betray our trust in them.  I’ve seen it happen on my favorite shows in the past, and a couple reviews I’d read at the start of the season indicated that this would be the episode where something egregious like this would go down.

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