Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.02 “Wanheda Part 2”

The_100_302Uuuuuuhhhhhhhmmmmmm ….


I mean ….. hmm.  This was one of those episodes that I had lot of issues with on first watch … and then on second watch, I was able to deal with it a lot better.  Most of what I wrote here is after my first viewing, though a couple bits of it were updated after my second viewing.  So you may want to read it with that in mind.

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Review: The 100 Ep 3.01 “Wanheda Part 1”


I used to “officially” review Covert Affairs over at GeekFurious the same night the show aired, staying up late to get the review out before morning.  I’m not cool enough to get TV screeners ahead of time, otherwise this would be an easier process for me.  But there was really only one reason that me doing those reviews made sense:  There was a huge gap in review coverage of Covert.  Very few sites were doing regular weekly reviews – it was pretty much just and … I can’t even remember anyone else.  Other sites did recaps, but not actual reviews.  So there was an opportunity there fill a gap there.  And it worked – my reviews on GeekFurious would generate between 600-1,600 hits depending on the episode, which for me is huge, lol.  It may be small to others, but on this site I’m lucky to get 10 hits on anything, so those days of 1,000+ hits were great.

The 100, on the other hand, which I am watching for the first time live, does NOT have a gap in this area.  Not in the least.  I saw reviews of the season 3 premiere from everyone and their mother: Variety, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, AV Club, IGN,, Hypable, etc. etc. etc.  The list is a mile long.  And I love that because it means the show is getting critical attention, but it then also makes no sense for me to bother adding my own review to the already saturated market, unless I’m doing it simply to aid in my own mental processing of the show.  When episodes are in the “really good” to “great” zone, I often don’t feel the need for this, because I’m content with that I watched.  “Wanheda Part 1” definitely fell into that category – The premiere was really for the most part everything I wanted it to be and more.  It was a set up episode for sure, but one of the most satisfying season premiere/set-up eps of any show I’ve seen.  Which is saying a lot, because eps like this usually aren’t the ones that deliver the the major feels.

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Top 18 Most Hate-able People in ‘Making a Murderer’


I finished Making a Murderer last Thursday night, and it left me as perplexed, and in as much of an absolute quandary, as everyone else in the country who has been obsessing over this thing since it was released over the holidays.  Do I think Steven Avery murdered Teresa Halbach?  Yes.  No?  Maybe so.  Depends on the moment you ask me.  I am certain that he didn’t do it in his bedroom (which was where the prosecution claimed he tortured and raped her) or in his garage (where they claimed he killed her), because of the complete lack of DNA evidence there.  But as far as I know, there’s certainly nothing to say that he didn’t kill her anywhere else on the huge property.  And there’s just as much of a possibility that any one of the many other people who lived on the property could have done it.  Or one of Teresa’s own family members.  Who even knows, because most of the DNA evidence was found in her car, which would indicate that her body was driven from one place to another.

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