The Internet + Politics: Do “Bernie Bros” Really Exist?


Uggh, politics.  I know this is not a political blog.  But sometimes I have thoughts on things other than entertainment, and honestly my experience on the topic I’m about to write about is somewhat of an offshoot of my fangirling anyway.  You see, you can’t be a proper fangirl without being on social media.  You have to be on Twitter at the very least, with IG as a supplement, and Tumblr to get your daily dose of gifs from your favorite shows and movies.

And if you’re on these social media platforms, there’s no possible way you’re completely avoiding politics at the moment.  It’s all over the place.  Trump is holding huge rallies where they beat the shit out of protesters, KKK leaders are singing Trump’s praises, the other Republican candidates are flailing around fighting for Trump’s scraps, and Bernie and Hillary are in an increasingly not-cute fight for the Democratic nomination.  On the interwebs, the 2016 primaries are no less avoidable than Gamergate was last year.  And upon viewing the behavior of people involved in political discussions this year, I’m seeing more similarities between the two situations than I’m comfortable with.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.08: “Terms and Conditions”


OMG The 100 got renewed for season 4!!  Whee!!  This just happened today (Friday), but most of what I wrote in this review was from last night, before this happened.  So the mood was quite different way back 24 whole hours ago when “Terms and Conditions” aired.  Keep that in mind when you read what I wrote below:

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.07: “Thirteen”


WOW.  Ja-HEEzus.  Now there was a good episode of television.

Update: Wow … and more wow.  It quickly got too late for me to write much last night after the episode, so I’m adding this extra note the next morning.  And I still honestly can’t believe that just happened.

O.k. back to what I wrote last night: The thing is, from looking at Twitter, I’m starting to think I was the only person in the universe who was shocked by Lexa’s death.  That’s the upside and downside of watching a show live while following its cast and crew on social media though: It winds up both spoiling you and throwing you off at the same time.  Spoilers are usually a bad thing, but sometimes they can actually be helpful.  For instance, the reviews I read of the first 4 eps of season 3 warned me about the shitty direction they were going to take Bellamy this season, and that’s one of those things that I prefer to be warned about ahead of time, so that I’m not shocked by it when it happens onscreen.  If I’m blindsided by it, and if it’s a storyline I dislike, I tend to be at least 10x angrier about it.  Heh.  Being warned ahead of time lets me brace myself first and I can take in the sting of it gradually.

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