Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.09: “DNR”

Well, shit.  This episode left a hell of a lot more characters out there hanging in extremely dire predicaments than I expected.  I knew Jasper was/is likely done for, and I’ve accepted it, mainly because his character has been useless for 2 full seasons now.  I’ve been fully over him since realizing he’d had no growth since the end of season 3.  But then somehow we wound up adding Harper and Raven to the “DNR” list too tonight.  And even Monty is now stuck in a weird limbo back at the “party till our faces literally melt off” camp, waiting for some sort of miracle to happen.  Not cool writers, not cool.  And here’s the thing about my reaction to “DNR”: I basically just want to see next week’s episode now.  Because that’s mostly what this ep was: set-up for next week.  A lot of it was interesting set-up, and it was well-directed and well-written, but it was definitely set up.  Let’s talk about it.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.08: “God Complex”

Err, remember last week when I said there was absolutely no way in radiated hell Clarke and them would have ever even considered choosing Emori as the sacrificial lamb?  Yeah … about that …

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