Angry Man Tears: The Captain Marvel Edition

Man, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything fangirl-related on this blog.  Last August I came to the realization that I’d wasted so much time reviewing The 100 for 3 seasons that I’ve been put off from ever wanting to review anything again.  I’ve even had a few urges to delete every 100 review I’ve ever written, for fear that some poor unsuspecting noob will come across them and be totally misled.  Sigh.  I guess from now on, the safest bet is to review a) movies and b) TV shows that have already finished airing, so you can be certain they won’t shit the bed later.  As for The 100, I suppose I at least managed to provide some people with some good laughs and catharsis as we all came to the terrible realization of what a sadistic asswipe Jason Rothenberg truly is.

Anywho.  Since then I’ve joined many The 100 refugees and binged Queen of the South (USA) and 12 Monkeys (SyFy).  The beauty of 12 Monkeys is that it finished its 4-season run in 2018, so I could be guaranteed before watching that it was a known quantity to everyone who’d recommended it to me.  And I’m glad they did – I normally hate time travel stories, but what a thoroughly entertaining, thoughtful and heartfelt little show it was.  I’ve quite enjoyed Queen of the South too, but it’s 3 seasons in and still has more seasons to come, so it still has the potential to go off the rails at some point.  Fingers crossed it doesn’t go haywire.

So here we are now in late Feb/early March 2019, and Captain Marvel is the next big MCU flick due to hit the big screen.  Lady superhero movies are so rare that I’m always excited and hopeful any time a new one is due out.  And no, I don’t count the ensemble flicks where the female superheroes play second and third fiddle.  I’m talking about the ones where they are the titular character – the HBIC.  The last one of these we got was 2 years ago with Wonder Woman.  And before that it was … uhhhh … errr … Supergirl in 1984?  I honestly don’t even know.  Oh right, eek, Catwoman.  Oh shit, Elektra!  Aggh.  This is starting to make me wonder if there literally has ever been a quality lady superhero movie before Wonder Woman.  I think no?  Suffice it to say, there’s a ton riding on Captain Marvel at this point.  We’re in dire need of Good Lady Superhero Movie #2 in the extremely short history of lady superhero movies.

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