Generation X: The Jan Brady of Generations

It’s time for me to rant again.  I started this rant on Twitter, but at some point I realized that I still had too much more I wanted to say, and trying to do it in tweet form would just drive everyone insane.  So I’m turning it into a blog post.

Here is how it started.  Yesterday (I’m starting to type this post on Jan 12th), I went looking for a tweet on someone’s page that someone else had posted a screenshot of.  The subject was something completely unrelated to the topic of this blog post; I don’t even remember what it was.  But I was on the dude’s Twitter page, and as I scrolled through to try to find the tweet I was looking for, I came across this, which he had RTed (I’m going to screencap this so the quoted tweet will show up correctly):

Seeing this instantly put me off, to the point where my coworker started trying to say something to me and I was still so irked looking at this tweet that I wasn’t listening to her.  I shook my head and stopped looking at this dude’s Twitter feed and never found the original tweet I was looking for.

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When “Progressives” Go Bad, Pt. 2: Flirting With Racism


Uggh.  Honestly I am so effing sick of this.  It would be far healthier for me to just stop looking at the goddamn internet until November.  I’m half inclined to just abandon this blog series without finishing it because on the one hand it feels like all I’m doing is adding to the gross infighting that’s going on in the Democratic party right now.  Actually, to say the infighting is within the Democratic party is not correct, because from what I observe, most staunch Democrats are of the opinion that, although they probably have a favorite of the 2 Democratic candidates in this race, their main goal (and mine) is simply to ensure the White House stays blue come November, along with pushing Congress back in that direction as well.  So rather than Democrat infighting, a more accurate way to describe this situation is a war between the left and the far left.  Because a good chunk of the people on the far left side of this are either Independents, like Bernie Sanders, or they’ve just never voted before (to be fair, some are very young people).

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