Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.12: “Demons”

The_100_312-6This pic is so colorful it almost looks like it should be from an ep of Orphan Black.  Like, The 100 gang goes to visit Sara Manning’s apartment building.  I think I’ve maybe finally given up on Orphan Black but that’s another story for another day.

So “Demons” was kinda fun as hell, right?  This episode, more than any this season, felt a lot like a season 1 ep, in the best way possible.  I already talked last week about how much better the show was because of the fact that they’ve put our favorite OG DelinquentKru all back on the same team again.  I’m trying to just appreciate it while it lasts, and frankly I’m pleasantly shocked we’ve even gotten two full eps of it so far.  I can’t get my hopes up beyond that without setting myself up for disappointment.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.11: “Nevermore”


Oh my goodness.  My faves are all back together again and working as a team!!  They all worked out their differences enough by the end of the episode that they’ll be fighting for the same side at least for a little while longer I hope!  SQUEE!!!

Honestly I could make that my entire review of this episode and it would be a completely accurate and thorough description of my feelings about it.  As I think I mentioned last week, one of the key weaknesses of season 3 – as it tends to happen eventually with most TV shows – has been the fact that our OG Crew has been so fractured, fighting against each other for reasons that in many ways (<cough>Bell<cough>amy), haven’t even made any kind of sense.  The show has gotten away from one of its greatest strengths, which is the interplay amongst our favorite gang.  You know, the ones we started watching this show for.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 3.10: “Fallen”


“She’s so much stronger than the rest of you …” -A.L.I.E.

No doubt, no doubt, ALIE.  Raven, the Job of The 100, has been notoriously put through the ringer every season on this show.  I wrote about it in my ep 3.01 review, as well as in my 3.03 review, and it’s something I’ve seen a certain contingent of fans complain about on social media consistently since I started watching the show.  When I wrote about it back then, I said that while I don’t agree with the idea that Raven should somehow be off limits to play this kind of perpetually tortured character, it is a fine line to walk, storywise.  Because at some point you do run the risk of crossing over into campy territory, or just becoming torture porn, like Sons of Anarchy eventually did (to be fair – terrible writing was their biggest issue).  I just went back and re-read what I wrote about it in my 3.03 review, and in that one, I was starting to get a little worried.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 3.09: “Stealing Fire”


Here’s the thing about ep 3.09 of The 100: I didn’t review it.  Not at the time it aired, anyway.  I didn’t even try.  I’m writing this review in July, while the episode aired back in … I think late March.  I’m going to timestamp this review close to the airing of the ep though, just to keep it in the right order relative to the other ep reviews on my blog.  Anyway, this was the episode that kicked off the second half of season 2; its big “returning from the 3-week midseason hiatus” ep.  Season 3 ended up being a little weird timing-wise, because its last pre-hiatus ep was really not a major episode (half the cast wasn’t even in it), and then its return from hiatus was one of my least-favorite eps of the season.

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When “Progressives” Go Bad, Pt. 2: Flirting With Racism


Uggh.  Honestly I am so effing sick of this.  It would be far healthier for me to just stop looking at the goddamn internet until November.  I’m half inclined to just abandon this blog series without finishing it because on the one hand it feels like all I’m doing is adding to the gross infighting that’s going on in the Democratic party right now.  Actually, to say the infighting is within the Democratic party is not correct, because from what I observe, most staunch Democrats are of the opinion that, although they probably have a favorite of the 2 Democratic candidates in this race, their main goal (and mine) is simply to ensure the White House stays blue come November, along with pushing Congress back in that direction as well.  So rather than Democrat infighting, a more accurate way to describe this situation is a war between the left and the far left.  Because a good chunk of the people on the far left side of this are either Independents, like Bernie Sanders, or they’ve just never voted before (to be fair, some are very young people).

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