Absentia Season 1 Review

Hey would ya look at that, Castle‘s Stana Katic has a new TV show!  Absentia was released a few days ago and I watched it over the weekend (I started typing this on like Feb 4th, I’m just very slow publishing it because it’s been a busy month o.k.!).  I still follow Stana on Twitter and have seen her mention this show pretty regularly over the past year or so, as it has been in production and being released/airing in various markets around the world.  This looked like a very good starring vehicle for Stana and kind of a perfect progression from Kate Beckett, plus the premise was right up my alley; I tend to enjoy any show with a female lead who gets to kick ass and, like, be interesting and do cool stuff.  Lulz – it’s not much to ask for, but even in 2018 this role still seems to be reserved for dudes most of the time.  Things are definitely improving for us ladies, but it’s still a bit slow going.

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