Review: ‘The 100’ Season 3

The_100_313-7_croppedWelp, I’m coming at this season 3 review far later than I meant to, but I don’t think it matters, really.  We’ve got at least 6 1/2 months till the show comes back, so there’s plenty of empty space to fill with The 100-related stuff in the meantime.  I’ve been busy but there was so much going on with season 3 that I can’t let it go by without writing a proper analysis of it.  There’s a LOT to unpack in terms of high and low points … particularly because it felt like the reaction to season 3 got a fuckin’ hell of a lot more attention than season 3 itself.

It’s like, in all the hoopla of fans flipping out all over social media and critical reaction to the Lexa stuff, the show itself got completely lost in the insanity.   The show became Jon Snow in the middle of “Battle of the Bastards”, when he started to get completely trampled and buried by all the soldiers around him flailing around.  Only it feels like The 100 wasn’t as lucky as Jon Snow – The 100 was never able to properly climb its way out of the surrounding mess.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 3.10: “Fallen”


“She’s so much stronger than the rest of you …” -A.L.I.E.

No doubt, no doubt, ALIE.  Raven, the Job of The 100, has been notoriously put through the ringer every season on this show.  I wrote about it in my ep 3.01 review, as well as in my 3.03 review, and it’s something I’ve seen a certain contingent of fans complain about on social media consistently since I started watching the show.  When I wrote about it back then, I said that while I don’t agree with the idea that Raven should somehow be off limits to play this kind of perpetually tortured character, it is a fine line to walk, storywise.  Because at some point you do run the risk of crossing over into campy territory, or just becoming torture porn, like Sons of Anarchy eventually did (to be fair – terrible writing was their biggest issue).  I just went back and re-read what I wrote about it in my 3.03 review, and in that one, I was starting to get a little worried.

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