Review: ‘The 100’ S5 Finale: “Damocles Pt. 2”

I’m done lol.  I’m so done that I actually don’t even need to bother to write a proper review because I won’t waste any more time than I’ve already wasted on this show this season.  I’m so let down by this thing that it makes me literally never want to get into any TV show ever again.  I’ve been hugely disappointed by shows I’ve loved in the past, but never like this.  The upside is that it’s only taken me about 3 weeks to go from loving this show with all my heart to to being able to just quit cold turkey.  Like boom, done.  I mean obviously I didn’t want it to go this direction because it’s heartbreaking, but if the show had to shit the bed, I’m glad it just did it all at once.  I’m glad I didn’t get baited to waste my time again in season 6.  Now I can just be free of this nonsense.  It feels like a relief and a weight off my shoulders.  Aahh.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.12: “The Chosen”

OMG.  Wait.  What is that weird sensation I’m feeling right now … I’m not sure I’m familiar with it.  Hmmm … could it be … is it even possible to feel … hope?  What is hope?  I don’t know her.

Well … I might, maybe have a very vague memory of her.  Like from back in the days of … gosh.  It’s been a long time not only in the world of The 100, but in real life.  On a day when we watched the Trump administration start to crack more than ever before (appointment of the special counsel to investigate possible Russia shadiness, a leaked tape from Paul Ryan and the House Majority Leader talking shit about Trump and Putin, revelations of the admin’s knowledge of Flynn being under investigation when they hired him, etc. etc.) … it felt fitting that we finally got a glimmer of hope not only in real life, but on The Hundy.  We’ve had a damn bleak year in this real world, and likewise its been a fittingly bleak season of The 100.  We need a teeny glimpse of a faint light at the end of the tunnel every now and then.

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