Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.10: “The Warrior’s Will”

Since this has been such a rollercoaster week for The 100 fans, I’ll preface this post by saying that I wrote most of it on the night of episode 5.10 and then in the couple days following.  Then on Saturday Bob and Eliza swept into SDCC to smooth things over a bit and to add some happiness back into the fandom, though it doesn’t change my opinion at all on the type of content that’s going to be delivered to us in the last 3 eps of the season (i.e. probably not what we’re looking for other than a crumb or two).  But just for context, the fandom was still about as far down in the gutter as we’ve ever been when I wrote this post/review.  I think it adds to the anger levels I had while typing it.  Heh.  Here it is:

Gosh.  I do not envy people who review this show – and who also tend to enjoy it for similar aspects as I do – who have to review it in an unbiased manner this week.  It’s been a rough, rough week for what I’m pretty sure is the biggest chunk of the fanbase this show has left after it lost most of the Lexa/Clexa fans in 2016.  And what a complete mindfuck really, considering how unfazed I remained through last week’s extremely disturbing ep.  I saw 5.09 as something that was very painful and unfortunate but also necessary to drive the story forward.  I was worried that it was happening so late in the season, but shit, at least it was/is happening.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.06: “We Will Rise”

Uuuummmm …. hmm.  Well …. errgh.  This episode reminds me a lot of ep 3.02 last season: “Wanheda Part II”.  Hah, if you go look at my review for that ep, you can even see that I started it off almost the exact same way.  It looks like that ep did not have the same director or writer, but for whatever reason the issues I had with both of these eps were very similar.  And ep 4.06 in particular already had 2 things going against it before it even aired:

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Review: ‘The 100’ Season 3

The_100_313-7_croppedWelp, I’m coming at this season 3 review far later than I meant to, but I don’t think it matters, really.  We’ve got at least 6 1/2 months till the show comes back, so there’s plenty of empty space to fill with The 100-related stuff in the meantime.  I’ve been busy but there was so much going on with season 3 that I can’t let it go by without writing a proper analysis of it.  There’s a LOT to unpack in terms of high and low points … particularly because it felt like the reaction to season 3 got a fuckin’ hell of a lot more attention than season 3 itself.

It’s like, in all the hoopla of fans flipping out all over social media and critical reaction to the Lexa stuff, the show itself got completely lost in the insanity.   The show became Jon Snow in the middle of “Battle of the Bastards”, when he started to get completely trampled and buried by all the soldiers around him flailing around.  Only it feels like The 100 wasn’t as lucky as Jon Snow – The 100 was never able to properly climb its way out of the surrounding mess.

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Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.12: “Demons”

The_100_312-6This pic is so colorful it almost looks like it should be from an ep of Orphan Black.  Like, The 100 gang goes to visit Sara Manning’s apartment building.  I think I’ve maybe finally given up on Orphan Black but that’s another story for another day.

So “Demons” was kinda fun as hell, right?  This episode, more than any this season, felt a lot like a season 1 ep, in the best way possible.  I already talked last week about how much better the show was because of the fact that they’ve put our favorite OG DelinquentKru all back on the same team again.  I’m trying to just appreciate it while it lasts, and frankly I’m pleasantly shocked we’ve even gotten two full eps of it so far.  I can’t get my hopes up beyond that without setting myself up for disappointment.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 3.09: “Stealing Fire”


Here’s the thing about ep 3.09 of The 100: I didn’t review it.  Not at the time it aired, anyway.  I didn’t even try.  I’m writing this review in July, while the episode aired back in … I think late March.  I’m going to timestamp this review close to the airing of the ep though, just to keep it in the right order relative to the other ep reviews on my blog.  Anyway, this was the episode that kicked off the second half of season 2; its big “returning from the 3-week midseason hiatus” ep.  Season 3 ended up being a little weird timing-wise, because its last pre-hiatus ep was really not a major episode (half the cast wasn’t even in it), and then its return from hiatus was one of my least-favorite eps of the season.

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Review: The 100 Ep 3.01 “Wanheda Part 1”


I used to “officially” review Covert Affairs over at GeekFurious the same night the show aired, staying up late to get the review out before morning.  I’m not cool enough to get TV screeners ahead of time, otherwise this would be an easier process for me.  But there was really only one reason that me doing those reviews made sense:  There was a huge gap in review coverage of Covert.  Very few sites were doing regular weekly reviews – it was pretty much just and … I can’t even remember anyone else.  Other sites did recaps, but not actual reviews.  So there was an opportunity there fill a gap there.  And it worked – my reviews on GeekFurious would generate between 600-1,600 hits depending on the episode, which for me is huge, lol.  It may be small to others, but on this site I’m lucky to get 10 hits on anything, so those days of 1,000+ hits were great.

The 100, on the other hand, which I am watching for the first time live, does NOT have a gap in this area.  Not in the least.  I saw reviews of the season 3 premiere from everyone and their mother: Variety, USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, AV Club, IGN,, Hypable, etc. etc. etc.  The list is a mile long.  And I love that because it means the show is getting critical attention, but it then also makes no sense for me to bother adding my own review to the already saturated market, unless I’m doing it simply to aid in my own mental processing of the show.  When episodes are in the “really good” to “great” zone, I often don’t feel the need for this, because I’m content with that I watched.  “Wanheda Part 1” definitely fell into that category – The premiere was really for the most part everything I wanted it to be and more.  It was a set up episode for sure, but one of the most satisfying season premiere/set-up eps of any show I’ve seen.  Which is saying a lot, because eps like this usually aren’t the ones that deliver the the major feels.

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