Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.07: “Acceptable Losses”

Welp, I guess those worms from 5.05 turned out to be more than just a cheap one-ep thrill, eh?  More than we can say for our dear Vinson, who I miss already.  Maybe he’ll show up again later, when we’re least expecting it.  Fingers crossed.

If there’s any one statement that perfectly describes where I’m at with The 100 right now, it’s this:

Panic-watching is precisely what I’m doing right now.  Because while I am finding our unprecedented lack of knowledge on what’s ahead in the second half of the season kind of exhilarating, this situation also makes for very nerve-racking episode-viewing experiences.  I’m so anxious about where this is all gonna go that I’m over analyzing every scene, every interaction, and every minute detail.  I’m constantly calculating how things may get from point A to point B in the remaining eps, and whether they will even be headed to point B at all, or if they might go to an unexpected point C.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Season 4

Preface: I wrote 95% of this post back in June or July of 2017, not long after The 100 season 4 ended.  I didn’t quite finish it and then I got busy with general life stuff, and never came back to finish the last couple sections.  Life has been too crazy, but somehow in the torturous last couple weeks before season 5 finally starts, I’ve been feeling The Hundy fever and finishing this review is a decent way to give myself a little 100 entertainment while I wait.  So when you read this, keep in mind that I wrote most of it a good 8 months ago, before we knew anything at all about season 5 other than what we got in the last couple minutes of the finale.  Here goes:

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.11: “The Other Side”

Uhh … wow.  Considering how much I’ve wanted to murder Jasper all season, I sure did find myself a blubbering mess when he actually died tonight.  I was not expecting that.  I mean, I guess I’m not sure what I expected, but I was so sick of him dragging everyone else down for the past 11 episodes, on top of several stretches of season 3, that I was just ready to move on.  So I didn’t necessarily consider all the history it would dredge up when it actually did happen.  Well o.k. I should be careful how I word this so as not to be entirely insensitive, as I know the kid was depressed.  My point is just that I still think the writers could have handled/treated him better.  I know I’ve talked mad shit about him this season but the entire reason I’m angry is that Jasper was once a great and vital character on this show.  Thus it feels like he should’ve been treated better on his way out.  Anyway I’ll talk more about that in a sec.  There was a lot happening in this ep, as always, and overall I think it was actually quite a good episode, but I also think some stories were fleshed out better than others.  I’ll get into that too.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.09: “DNR”

Well, shit.  This episode left a hell of a lot more characters out there hanging in extremely dire predicaments than I expected.  I knew Jasper was/is likely done for, and I’ve accepted it, mainly because his character has been useless for 2 full seasons now.  I’ve been fully over him since realizing he’d had no growth since the end of season 3.  But then somehow we wound up adding Harper and Raven to the “DNR” list too tonight.  And even Monty is now stuck in a weird limbo back at the “party till our faces literally melt off” camp, waiting for some sort of miracle to happen.  Not cool writers, not cool.  And here’s the thing about my reaction to “DNR”: I basically just want to see next week’s episode now.  Because that’s mostly what this ep was: set-up for next week.  A lot of it was interesting set-up, and it was well-directed and well-written, but it was definitely set up.  Let’s talk about it.

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.06: “We Will Rise”

Uuuummmm …. hmm.  Well …. errgh.  This episode reminds me a lot of ep 3.02 last season: “Wanheda Part II”.  Hah, if you go look at my review for that ep, you can even see that I started it off almost the exact same way.  It looks like that ep did not have the same director or writer, but for whatever reason the issues I had with both of these eps were very similar.  And ep 4.06 in particular already had 2 things going against it before it even aired:

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Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 4.04: “A Lie Guarded”

the_100_404-2Ja-HEEZ-us.  I wasn’t sure if we were gonna survive that one.  The bullets were flying, the swords were stabbing and the angry mobs were mobbing.  I have a LOT to say on this one and I feel like the best place to start this time is going to be on Clarke and Arkadia, because this is the storyline with most of the philosophical debates/controversy this time.  These questions arise in every ep of The 100, but tonight’s moral quandaries were more intense than usual.  Here we go:

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