2015 Stuff I Liked: TV

I never used to do year-end lists.  Reason being, there’s no way in hell that any person could watch every show on TV, or listen to every album released each year.  Maybe they could watch every movie, but even that would be a stretch unless they were actually being paid to do it.  So there’s no way I can honestly say what I think is the “best” stuff released each year, because I can’t watch/listen to it all.  That’s why I’m calling  these lists “Stuff I Liked” rather than “Best Stuff” – I can’t really tell you what was the best out of ALL the things, but I can certainly tell you what I personally enjoyed.

Let’s start with the TV list (which, I’ll be honest, may or may not be the only one I do this year.  We’ll see).  Once again I am going to split my list into hour-long shows and half hour shows, just because it makes it easier for me.  Here goes …

Hour-Long Shows I Liked in 2015

You know what’s crazy, and what I didn’t realize until I started writing this?  My 2014 list had 6 total shows in the “hour-long” category, and a whopping 4 of those shows have dropped off the list this year.  That is a 66.7% failure rate in my 2014 list’s holding power.  What the hell happened??  Because so many shows dropped off, I’m going to have a section at the bottom to explain why, for each of them.  But for now let’s look at my 2015 list:

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2015 Stuff I Liked: You’re the Worst

Youre-The-WorstHeh.  O.k., just like my Jessica Jones entry in my 2015 Faves post, it turns out that I have more to say about You’re the Worst than I should probably be shoving into that post.  And it’s likely not a coincidence that I also had just barely finished YTW‘s season 2 when I started writing that post.  But guys, I really love this show.  So I’m gonna type a few paragraphs about it.  Here’s what I have to say:

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2015 Stuff I Liked: Jessica Jones


O.k., this is actually an unplanned offshoot from my ‘2015 Stuff I Liked: TV‘ post.  I made the mistake of typing the Jessica Jones entry less than 2 hours after I finished the season, which meant that I had far more to say about it than I probably would have if I had finished it 6 months ago.  But you know what, this is a good show, so I’ve got a lot to say about it.  Here it is y’all:

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