Review: ‘The 100’ S5 Finale: “Damocles Pt. 2”

I’m done lol.  I’m so done that I actually don’t even need to bother to write a proper review because I won’t waste any more time than I’ve already wasted on this show this season.  I’m so let down by this thing that it makes me literally never want to get into any TV show ever again.  I’ve been hugely disappointed by shows I’ve loved in the past, but never like this.  The upside is that it’s only taken me about 3 weeks to go from loving this show with all my heart to to being able to just quit cold turkey.  Like boom, done.  I mean obviously I didn’t want it to go this direction because it’s heartbreaking, but if the show had to shit the bed, I’m glad it just did it all at once.  I’m glad I didn’t get baited to waste my time again in season 6.  Now I can just be free of this nonsense.  It feels like a relief and a weight off my shoulders.  Aahh.

A few comments:

  • I feel bad for Shannon Kook.  He and his new character are both adorable and he could not have come onto this show at a worse time.  But on the upside for him, I have a feeling that general audiences who don’t pay attention to how the sausage is made will be baited back for season 6 by that final scene.  So maybe the show will still get decent ratings.  Who knows.  I’d like to watch Shannon’s character because he seems great, but this one character is simply nowhere near enough to get me to waste my time again.  Sorry Shannon.  😦
  • Jason R knew he was gonna kill Harper at the end of the season and didn’t even bother to give her a fucking storyline.  Like, not even ONE arc.  The only thing she did the entire season was to be Monty’s girlfriend.  She did nothing else.  You’d think he’d give her one last hurrah.  The fact that he didn’t bother with this pretty much sums up his approach to the entire season.
  • This reboot set-up for S6 would have been genuinely quite good/interesting if I gave even one single fuck about any of the characters anymore.  In the span of half a season, Jason made me stop caring about characters I’ve loved for years.  That is genuinely hard to do.  So … great job, I guess?
  • The end was interesting despite a ton of people guessing the twist because of the leaks and Chekhov’s cryo pods, but other than the ending, this episode was really not very good.  Why?  Because the season was written in such a way that nearly every important plot point had to be shoved into 42 minutes of television.  These guys wasted a tragic amount of time this season on stupid boring shit that no one cares about, and then saved all the important stuff for the last ep.  It was rushed as hell and felt like someone literally just quickly checking off a laundry list of plot points to hit/wrap up.  This was objectively not good storytelling.
  • Clarke is not the lead of this show anymore.  Other than the fact that she was present in the final scene of the season, there’s nothing to indicate that she is.  The show has never sidelined her in the final 4 eps of a season like this before (if you read my S4 reviews you’ll see where it got iffy there for a short bit but then redeemed itself).
  • The one thing I will never get over is the fact that in many ways this season was purposefully and meticulously written to set its audience up in the first half for constant crushing disappointment in the second half.  It was written to set the audience’s hopes and dreams sky high for the purpose of then taking a massive diarrhea all over them for like 7 straight episodes.  I mean look, of course many of the season’s disappointments were not written that way on purpose.  But some very important ones were!  It’s so mind-boggling.  I can’t figure out what the upside is for the writers in punking their audience like this.  This mystery will haunt me as long as I live.
  • Holy shit, I just realized that the absolute only thing this entire post-6-year-time-jump season accomplished was to spend 13 episodes completely fucking up the characters everyone loved before destroying Earth again in order to do yet another, much longer, time jump.  That’s it.  That’s fucking IT!!  It was a pit stop between time jumps to turn all their beloved characters into dickholes.  Wow.
  • Check my p.s. at the bottom for my final Bellarke thoughts.

Uhh … that’s it I guess.  This will be my final review for The 100.  I cancelled my season pass.  I almost typed, “If some kind of miracle improvement happens in season 6 tell me,” but that is a stupid statement because it won’t.  Season 6 will be a thousand times worse because they are going to just lean into all the horrible crap they set up in season 5.  It will be a waking nightmare.

If you want to know details of why I’m so exasperated and why I’m able to quit the show this easily, just read my previous reviews.  Ahh … I’m free.

My rating for ep 5.13: Something low; I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Anyone want to recommend any new shows now that all my favorite shows completely went to shit this spring/summer season?  I’m going to try out Queen of the South based on the recommendation of a few folks.  Nothing else out there is catching my eye though.  Maybe I should just take a break from TV for a while and read some books instead.

p.s. I didn’t have this in the original version of this review, but after rewatching that final Bellarke scene I can see how less-savvy viewers will be instantly hoodwinked into thinking it meant anything at all.  And the reason they’ll be fooled is that to have a physically stunning scene like this between this exploding-with-chemistry couple and call it platonic – while eternally forcing them into other plot device relationships with zero chemistry – is fuckin’ off the rails bonkers.  Like I said in last week’s review, the pretzels the writers continually tie themselves into in order to cock block this natural story progression is affecting the quality of the entire show at this point.  There were many many things wrong with season 5, but this was one giant factor.

And make no mistake, Jason is never going to do Bellarke, because he thinks that makes him edgy and cool.  Because I guess being edgy is more important than telling a good story.  And there’s a reason why he kept his ass quiet as a mouse about Bellarke the entire season before admitting this.  There’s a reason he spent the whole season foreshadowing them as romantic knowing he would keep them platonic for eternity.  Because he knew he’d lose viewers if he didn’t spend the entire season presenting a lie to us.  Stop giving him the views, Bellarke sisters.  You’re only enabling a spiteful madman who will continue to use and abuse you for views, clicks and promotion.  It’s pathetic.  Please have some self respect.

p.p.s. OMG PLEASE read this review of season 5, a far more proper review than mine, that sums everything up pretty damn perfectly.  Jason & Co. make it continually clear that they consider Bellarke fans and their opinions to be lower than dog crap, so do yourself a favor and read the opinion of someone who is an absolute non-shipper (I believe she is a fan of platonic Bellarke).

p.p.p.s. I may love Bellarke but I did not start watching this show for that reason in the least; I didn’t even know WTF a Bellarke was or who the characters were at all back then.  I came to this show because the premise sounded interesting and I love good kick-ass female characters, which I’d heard the show had.  That’s it.  You want proof?  Read my first review of the show from 2015.  Bellarke is not mentioned once other than in the tags for the post.  So then what the heck made me fall in love with Bellarke as an enemies-to-BFFs-to-romantic pairing?  The answer is, the show did.  By presenting precisely that to me in a great way.  The actors have amazing chemistry and the show capitalized off that.  In a way that, we now know, was dishonest and opportunistic and cynical.  I blame no one for this except Jason Rothenberg.  Since 2016 we’ve seen signs that something is off with him and I’ve realized his vision is no longer something I’m interested in seeing or experiencing in any way shape or form.

7 thoughts on “Review: ‘The 100’ S5 Finale: “Damocles Pt. 2”

  1. Thanks for encouraging people to read my review. I am absolutely a platonic Bellarke person, but the writing has been on the wall for awhile now that they’re going to get together. That signposting was deliberate. Now the backpedaling by Jason is doing y’all dirty. I feel so sorry for all the fans that invested so much in this relationship. I was gutted after 3×07 but kept on watching because I love Clarke and now have no issue with romantic Bellarke happening…except now you guys have been told differently. Just uncool. Chin up!


    1. Thank you for writing it! I keep going back to 2016, after he was so cruel to Clexa/Lexa fans by intentionally teasing her in the finale right before killing her … and then right around that same time, Ricky Whittle coming out at him guns blazing. That all made me very uncomfortable and I just kept hoping it was some kind of fluke or that he at least learned his lesson with the Lexa stuff. Apparently what he took from the Lexa stuff was to simply start being an asshole in a different way, haha. And the Ricky stuff was so messy that I wasn’t sure who was to blame. I’m now wishing I could go back and fully see those as the bad omens they were. Sigh. Oh well. It’s good to at least read great reviews like yours to see that we aren’t crazy. 😉 It gives some catharsis haha.


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