Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.09: “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

Here’s something I don’t think I’ve ever done before: I’m typing the opener to my ep 5.09 review before it airs.  The reason I’m doing this is that Jason Rothenberg, The 100‘s showrunner, has tweeted several things in the lead-up to this ep that indicate he’s expecting it’ll cause the fandom to blow up in a bad way.  His first tweet on the topic said the ep will “probably start a riot.”  Lord.  His next tweet about the ep, a few days later, reminded the fans to “keep in mind that [the last 5 eps] are a roller coaster, not a chu-chu train.”  And then a couple days after that, he got back on Twitter and was very up in his feelings with some vague tweets about “fandom blindspots” and people being so “convinced in their own rightness that they reject the truth.”  Hrrmm.  This may be a reaction to Echo hate in his mentions, probably having ramped up over the weekend in response to an ep 5.09 sneak peak he tweeted.  Just speculation on my part.

When I’m thinking about what might “start a riot” in the fandom from this week’s ep, and what might have Jason terrified to unveil this one to his audience, a few possible scenarios come to mind:

  1. Becho reunites, professes their undying love for each other, gets married, has 3 kids, buys a Honda Odyssey, and lives happily ever after.
  2. Something happens with the flame.  Gaia is shown activating it in the preview.  Uggh I wish someone would just smash that thing once and for all, I’m sick of it.  Maybe Clarke takes the flame, Lexa comes back to life, and they get married and live happily ever after.
  3. McCreary kills Diyoza.  The fandom loves her and we’d be mad at this, but I don’t think that’ll happen this early on.
  4. Kane cheats on Abby by boning Diyoza.  I honestly would not be shocked by this.
  5. Clarke does something shitty to Bellamy or vice versa.  It’d be weird after 5.08 but the writers love doing this, so I wouldn’t put it past them.  e.g. Would Bellamy go behind Clarke’s back and have Madi take the flame?
  6. Oh maybe Echo will do something bad and Jason is terrified that it’ll make the audience hate her even more?  He is really touchy about this character.

So what did the answer end up being?  Any of these or none of the above?  I shall now watch the ep and find out in 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 …

Bwahaha oh Jesus Christ.  This ep had so many trigger points I don’t even know where to begin.  I think most of them were listed above.  We had:

#2 “Something happens with the flame.”  Uhhh yeah, it sure as heck did.

#2a “Lexa comes back to life.”  Well, sorta.  That was a little creepy.  O.k. extremely creepy.

#3 “McCreary kills Diyoza.”  He tries!  But luckily he’s unsuccessful.

#5 “Clarke does something shitty to Bellamy or vice versa.”  Lullllzzzz.  Vice versa.  Well, they both end up doing super shitty things to each other, but he started it!  Which is a giant and kinda refreshing change for this show.  I’ll talk about that in the Bellarke section.

#5a “Would Bellamy go behind Clarke’s back and have Madi take the flame?”  Yes.  The answer is yes, though he does it fully in front of her back.  And face.

Well guys, look at the bright side – At least Kane didn’t bone Diyoza?  At least no one purchased a Honda Odyssey?  We’ve gotta grasp at whatever straws we can at this point.  Let’s get into the review now.

Episode Structure

The main issue I had with last week’s ep had to do with squeezing aallll the storylines into one episode.  So was that a problem again this week?  Though I always want all the time in the world for my favorite storylines and 42 minutes is never anywhere near enough for me, this episode did improve on the clutter problem we saw last week.  It accomplished this in a few ways:

  1. Monty and Harper took a week off this week after deciding to live happily ever after as peaceful farmers last week.
  2. Murphy and Emori made it to Eden, so their storyline merged with Raven/Echo/Shaw.  My favorite way to gain precious episode minutes: Bring the damn characters together!
  3. Kane was only in the ep for a couple key scenes and they were shared with SpaceKru folks.

Let’s hope as many of the characters as possible stay together for the final 4 eps so we can avoid switching between a thousand story threads.

Abby and Vinson

I would like to make a very sincere statement that Vinson is my favorite character of season 5.  He’s ssooooo … creepy in the most precious way possible.  Or precious in the creepiest way possible.

“Careful doc.  You took a thorn out of a lion’s foot.  But he’s still a lion.”

This show keeps telling me I’ll eventually regret my love for Vinson.  But I’m going to love him until he betrays me.  I can’t help it!  I’m in too deep.

“Well this guy looks better.  Should I be hopeful?”  “Nope sorry dude no cure you’re fucked you’re gonna die next week.”  Lmaaaooo, Abby you might want to try to be a little less obvious in your desire to see McCreary and his people dead.  O.k. I have more to say on the Abby topic but I’ll get to it at this end of this next section:

SpaceKru (and Kane) in Eden

“This is my masterpiece.”

As much as I wanted to strangle these guys for completely fucking up Clarke/Bellamy/Indra’s plan to broker peace with Diyoza, it was nice to finally see some action in Eden this week.  It was starting to feel like we’d had too many episodes of just Echo and Raven sitting around scheming and arguing over whether to kill Shaw, with not much coming out of it.  What happened tonight served to further screw up Clarke/Bell/Indra/Kane/Diyoza’s plan to build a peaceful existence in the Shallow Valley, but at least it was something exciting.  And Murphy being Murphy always cracks me up.  Through all the horrible gut-wrenching stuff going on in Polis, Murphy was the only thing keeping my spirits up throughout the ep.  Well, Murphy and Vinson.

I gotta say though, it’s pretty ridiculous plot-wise that Kane never clued in SpaceKru about Clarke and Bell’s deal with Diyoza.  He … hmm.  Since the only people there were Raven and Echo before now, and he still knows Echo as a villain and Azgeda spy, I guess you could reasonably claim he just didn’t trust these two enough yet to clue them in on the plan.  Even Raven he hasn’t spent time with in 6 years.  So I suppose he could have valid reasons for waiting to tell them.  But still, come on.  If I were him, I woulda totally taken the chance and clued in Raven because of course she’s gonna be on the same team as Bellamy.

Murphy: “I’m going with Kane.”
Emori: “John!  Not again!”
Murphy: “It’s Abby.  I have to.”

Am I the only who who completely did not understand what any of this meant?  I’m not sure what “not again” refers to and I don’t know what the significance of Abby is to Murphy.  Does he just mean that he feels too guilty to ditch Abby and leave Kane in a lurch like that?  I hope so … I love when Murphy’s concience rears its pesky head.

Unfortunately, despite Kane and Murphy’s best efforts, Abby ends up fucked in the end anyway.  She’s now McCreary’s prisoner.  This can’t be good.  Save her, Vinson!!

Pilot Mechanic

“You’ll never be safe.  I dunno why … I care about that?  Maybe it’s your easy-going charm.”  “Let me put it to you like this Shaw, either you come with us, or we’ll kill you.  How’s that for easy going?”  “O.k. sweet I’m in!”

They’ve got quite a way of flirting on The 100.  The only thing making me feel better about the glacial pace of development in the Bellarke (can they ever happen after 6 years apart?) and Becho (is this ship gonna weather the storm?) relationships this season is the fact that somehow, even Pilot Mechanic, the most adorable and most obvious romance of season 5, still hasn’t turned romantic yet.  It got closer tonight though, with all that flirting.  And I somehow forgot to mention earlier that these two were also a key storyline keeping my spirits afloat in this ep.  How the hell are they ever gonna find time alone to get busy though??  This may be the biggest challenge of season 5.

Diyoza vs. McCreary

Dun dun DUUUUNNNN!!  This is a hell of a way to throw a gender reveal party.  “I’m pregnant with your kid, bitch!!”  <stabs baby-daddy in neck>

While the WonKru storyline was driven by Clarke vs. Bell and Indra/Bell/Gaia vs. O in this ep, the Eligius storyline was all Diyoza vs. McCreary.  Are the Eligius peeps gonna be able to stop themselves from killing each other before O’s army finally shows up?

I don’t even have that much to say here other than the fact that Diyoza is a badass, running around stabbing and punching and kicking people all while 5 months pregnant.  Man I am so curious what is going to happen with this pregnancy by the time the season ends.  This is partly because if this baby is gonna be born, the time span covered before that happens would have to be at least 3-4 more months.  And the amount of time covered by the entire season so far has only been like a couple weeks, tops.  War is coming any minute now, so at this pace it feels like the rest of the season will span like 3 or 4 more days, not months.  So either Diyoza’s gonna die (with the unborn baby), or she’s gonna survive till next season still pregnant (will they keep her?), or somehow the season is gonna have to jump time at some point, which I doubt they will.  The way this show rolls they’ll probably kill her and the unborn kid.  That’s some dark shit even for this show.

Indra and Gaia

Man I hope Gaia survives next week.  She’s gonna be in that pit with Indra and Bellamy and things don’t look so hot for her in the 5.10 trailer.  Errgh.  I heard someone say the actress may have booked another show too (Ohh the Sabrina the Teenage Witch reboot?) which also makes me afraid she’s getting killed off The 100.  It’s funny though because as I said above, I’m sick of The Flame lore in this series and I’d be thrilled if they’d just destroy it once and for all so they can finally move on from that whole business.  What purpose does it even serve at this point other than to make the occasional callbacks to Lexa?  Like yes this season it comes in somewhat handy to add to the drama of Octavia trying to lead WonKru and Madi’s future as a character, but after this season, I hope we can finally move on.  It’s been 2 full seasons now and counting.  I’m over it.  And I don’t want Madi to keep that shit in her head.  It’s creepy.  Just let her be a kid.

BUT with all that said, if we lose The Flame, then we probably lose Gaia.  Can’t Gaia move on from it too though?  Come on.  Anyway, the Indra/Gaia stuff in this ep is good.  We get some interesting conflict about Indra’s current quest for peace vs. how she raised Gaia (or tried to).  And Gaia, while she is a religious nut, does at least seem very ethical in not forcing the flame on Madi, and ensuring she doesn’t give it to someone who isn’t ready for it.  We’ll see what happens next week.  Eek.

Indra and Octavia

“I’m ashamed of you.”  “And I’m afraid of you.  Of what you’ve become.”

I gotta say, I really did not feel the least bit sorry for O at the end of this ep, as this is a problem entirely of her own creation.  What I did get out of this, though, is the hope that maybe somehow Octavia can make some progress in breaking through the psycho Blodreina exterior that’s overtaken our Octavia.  I’m not gonna hold my breath though.

“I blame myself for that.  I let you go too far.  The Dark Year broke us all.”

Please just tell me what the hell happened in the dark year!!  “I shouldn’t have let you shoulder that burden on your own.”  What happened!?  We’ve got 2 more eps till we find out.  Nom nom nom.

The newly-Emmy-nominated Adina Porter is such a baller.  Despite the fact that her character becomes more and more integral to The 100 each season, she refuses to take series regular positions on any of the several series she stars in because she wants to retain the ability to work on several shows at once.  She essentially acts as a main character on The 100 now but is also able to be nominated for an Emmy on an entirely different show (American Horror Story).  She is the epitome of Big Dick Energy.  All hail Indra kom Trikru, and all hail Adina Porter.

Gosh, it kinda feels like Indra is bearing the weight of humanity on her shoulders this season.  I mean Clarke and Bell are trying to, and not doing a good job, and I suppose Indra is failing just as much as they are.  But Indra’s motives somehow feel a bit more noble this season because Clarke and Bell are so tied up in saving their little groups of people, where as Indra is really just trying to save humanity from itself.

Clarke, Bellamy, and Bellarke

“At this point I’m pretty sure there’s not gonna be any Bellarke angst in the form of arguments this season.”  – Me, disappointed at the lack of angst, in my 5.08 review

Uhhh yeeaahhh.  About that ……..

O.k. I’ve got a few key points I want to make here when it comes to Bellarke.  Shockingly, I’m not totally melting down about this situation and I’ll lay out what’s playing into that.  But rest assured, I’ll do a little of my trademark belly-achin’ at the end of this section.

Point #1: Together.  First off, let me just say, I loved the Bellarke preview clip we got on Monday as much as everyone else did, but if the very first thing you thought when watching the “Together” line was anything other than, “Yeah there’s no way in 7 hells that’s gonna go according to plan,” you were fooling yourself.  I loved that these two at least tried for their classic “together” motto, but the way that scene played out was an absolute guarantee it was all gonna fall apart.  I’d certainly hoped it wouldn’t fall apart anywhere close to this level of fucked-up-ness, but yeah.  It sure as hell fell apart.

Point #2: Angst. We all (a lot of us) said we wanted Bellarke angst this season.  We suddenly got more of it tonight than we’ve gotten since early season 1 when these two were straight-up enemies, and now everyone is beside themselves.  But even with how awful and extreme and painful the angst was here, I feel like this is what should be happening based on all the incremental shit that’s been building up this season between them.  6 years apart with new/opposing alliances is gonna cause major friction.  And I would honestly far prefer this over having these two just be boringly polite to each other through every little slight this season.  What interesting would come out of that?  “Oh you’re boning Echo now o.k. cool.”  “Oh you wanna kill my sister?  Oh that’s o.k.”  “Oh you wanna make Madi the commander of a (cannibal) death cult?  Yeah I guess I’m fine with that.”  “Oh hey I just remembered I still like you so I dumped Echo.”  “Cool.”  And then they just kiss under a sunset in the finale??  Snooze.  I want passion between these two and … well … we got that.  In a bad way tonight.  We’ve got 4 eps left for it to turn to the kind of passion we want (I don’t even mean that in a sex way I mean it in a let out all your feelings and work your shit out kind of way).  Will that happen?  No clue.

That said, this tweet made me LMAO:

HAHHAA and this Tumblr post.  So perfect.

Point #3: Clarke and Bellamy have switched places.  In the 4 1/2 seasons leading up to this moment, hasn’t it always been Clarke who screws over Bellamy and/or Octavia in one way or another in the name of The Greater Good?  I’m trying to think.  With Ton DC, Clarke fucked over O (and like 250 other people) in order to get her peeps (and Bell) out of Mount Weather.  With the radiation chamber, she almost fucked over Emori in the name of saving humanity from praimfaya.  With the bunker, she fucked over Bellamy and O (and Indra and Kane), this time in the name of saving most of SkaiKru from praimfaya.  It seems like others are always the ones getting fucked by Clarke’s extreme pragmatism; it’s never the other way around.  Well, tonight, the tables were turned and that was clearly on purpose, as Clarke and Bellamy have been meant to switch places this season in many ways.  Even though I hated how this all went down, I did appreciate that Clarke finally wound up on the receiving end for a change (a good life lesson for her), and that the show let someone else be the “bad guy” for once.  And hell, Clarke tonight perfectly paralleled Bellamy in 4.11, rubbing her wrists completely raw trying to get out of those chains/cuffs.  The tables are really flipped upside down for these two right now and it’s very intentional.

Let’s get into how this all went down now.  Because, as is typical for this show, Bellamy being the “bad guy” was actually him doing something that was somewhat understandable if you look at it from his perspective.  He really honestly thinks he’s doing what’s best for everyone, including Clarke, which is the exact same reason Clarke has pulled these types of shenanigans on others in the past.  And from a pure logic perspective he may well have been right.  So I’m not even mad at him for this even though I’ve been livid at Clarke in the past in these situations; I think that’s because Bellamy’s version of this was more mild – at least he wasn’t directly sentencing anyone to death.  I’m only mad at him for those gut-punching words that came out of his mouth in the process.

“Echo, Raven, Murphy and Emori are MY family.”

What was his intention with this statement?  I think most of it was literally just that he wanted to impress upon Clarke that he’s just as worried about the safety of SpaceKru as she is about Madi.  He is trying to make her understand why he’s doing what he’s doing.  Plain and simple.  At the same time, the words really are biting, and he gets up in her face and kinda throws them at her a li’l when he says them.  Is he intending to shoot them at her as barbs, even subconsciously?  From his perspective she’s refusing to listen to reason, which causes him to lose his cool, so there’s probably a little of that tit-for-tat thing happening here.  But even if Bell truly does not intend his words this way at all, that has to be how Clarke takes them.  It’s how I took them.

Side note: The writers released the script for this scene and this line on paper is far less confrontational: Bellamy apologizes as he says it while backing away.  But there’s a couple other angry-sounding lines in the script that were removed, and we can see that by the time the scene hit the screen, the family line was made to sound more harsh/pointed instead.  Kinda interesting, but the bottom line here is that Bellamy’s words + actions in this entire scene cut Clarke to her core.

Delving into the Bellamy’s actions here, Clarke had trusted him with with everything, including Madi, and she is beyond livid with him that he betrayed her trust.  Yana Grebenyuk also makes a great point in her review that Bell and Indra render her completely powerless for the entire duration of the ordeal, and she just has to sit and wait and wonder while they do whatever the hell they want out there with Madi and the flame.  It’s absolute torture for a person like Clarke who is a total control freak (I feel ya girl).  I personally would be like an angry caged tiger in this sitch.  And hey!  This is exactly what Clarke did to Bellamy in ep 4.11.  Again, the script has been flipped on these two and on the audience.

I’m seeing online that what hurt a lot of people the most about this ep was Clarke leaving Bell at the mercy of evil Octavia at the end, knowing full well that she’d want to kill him for revenge and that he’d likely get thrown in the pit.  Which, yeah, that’s super fucked up … but it also feels pretty on-brand for Clarke.  The reason I always call Clarke “my protagonist” is that I feel like her personality is very similar to mine, and if I’m putting myself in this situation, there would be a couple key factors at play:

  • I don’t have kids but if I did, and someone threatened even one hair on their head, and physically restrained me from doing anything about it … yeah.  I’d be like a caged wild animal.  My response would be bad.
  • When someone I’m not close to / someone with known issues acts like a dick to me, I don’t really get worked up about it.  But when it’s someone in my extremely small circle of trust, and if what they’ve done feels like both a betrayal and an implication that they don’t give a fuck about me (the “MY family” thing would make me feel like this) all at once, watch the fuck out.  Eventually I’ll hear you out as to why you did it, but there will be a time period directly following the incident in which a) I will claw your eyeballs out of your skull and b) you will be dead to me.

This is where Clarke is right now.  Octavia can do whatever she wants to Clarke and Clarke will just be like “Eh, it’s Octavia, what do you expect.”  But when Bellamy – really the only person in the world she can fully trust – betrays her, forget it.  Watch out world.  Watch out Bellamy.  It’s destructive, but Clarke’s personality type is to lash back when someone rips her heart out.  Bellamy has a very different personality; when he’s in this position he gets super pissed but his claws don’t come out like this.  He mainly just gives the silent treatment.  And he’s kinda just more pure-hearted if we’re being honest – There’s a reason I relate primarily to Clarke on this show, lmao.  I could never be as pure-hearted as Bell.  That doesn’t mean Clarke doesn’t love him just as much as he loves her though!!  Her personality is just more … rough.  Think of it this way: She loves him to such a painfully intense level that it’s causing her to blow everything to shreds.

BUT!  Let’s also not forget that Clarke needs to get Madi to a safe place and Bellamy spent this entire ep trying to do the opposite.  So Clarke also literally feels like she has to save Madi from Bellamy right now.  That’s certainly another huge thing causing her to cut bait and run.

OH and one last thing I almost forgot, and I feel like I haven’t seen this discussed much: This show has repeatedly impressed upon us this season that Clarke has become one hard-ass bitch in the past 6 years.  She shoots fools in the face without giving any more thought to it than you’d give to smashing a bug on your wall.  “Why’d you do that!?”  “You know why.”  Uhh, no Clarke, I really don’t know why, actually.  That dude would have done anything Madi said at that point, there really was no need to blow his head off.

Clarke’s heart has really hardened over the years in this way, and I feel like I haven’t given this fact much thought until now.  Maybe it’s from spending 6 years hunting animals; it’s as if killing a person who poses a threat is no different to her now than killing an animal that does the same, or killing a deer for food.  Now obviously this attitude should never apply to her loved ones, and it doesn’t, directly.  But overall, I think being without humans for 6 years has significantly affected Clarke and allowed her to compartmentalize to an extreme level.  I want her to be able to connect back with her people and soften up again.  That’s another reason the “MY family” line felt so destructive in this ep.  We thought we’d made big progress last week, and then this week the floor completely dropped out on us.

In any event, next week when Clarke shows up to Eden I fully expect the reaction of SpaceKru to be like “WTF did you do!!??”  And for Clarke to have to try to explain herself.  Awkward.  And I hope we’ll get a real reckoning between Clarke and Bell, and the show fuckin’ better not make us wait forever to get us there.  There’s only 4 eps left.  If they waste even 1 second of time at this point I’ll throw this show in the pit myself.  Oh wait, shit, SpaceKru won’t even be at Eden next week when Clarke shows up!  Oh god.  Will she run into them in the woods??  Dude if she doesn’t even reunite with SpaceKru next week I will blow a gasket.

I’m not the least bit worried about Clarke and Bell being able to work through this by the time the season is out – they had 2 less episodes to do that last season after the bunker debacle – my worry is about how it’ll all go down.  And with Echo in the picture, it won’t be able to go down in a romantic way in just 4 eps.  How could it?  What I fear is the pessimistic Bellarke scenario I laid out last week – that this will just be a Groundhog Day-style repeat of season 4, where we end the season with a Bellarke fist bump and the writers will think we’ll be anywhere near satisfied with that.  We’re a whole season past that, dudes, we need progression.

Prediction: With each ep that passes I keep feeling more and more sure that whatever Bellarke we get at the end of the season – if it’s at all romantic – will be in the form of a flash forward.  It’ll be like, “And the Eligius 3 people swooped in and rescued them, they slept in cryo for another thousand years, and then they woke up, and then we flash forward to 30 years after that and Clarke and Bell are married sending their kids off to college.  Kind of like, “See guys?  This evenntuuaally happens.  It’s just not happening on the show you’re watching right now.  Just give it another 30 seasons and we’ll get there.”  I will burn everything.

I will be very specific about what IMO needs to happen before this season is out in order to keep Bellarke fans tuning in: A very clear confession of (lovey) feelings from both of them.  This can happen even before Becho ends.  Clarke and Bell were a team way the hell before Echo came into the picture in any substantive way, so her presence should not stop C&B from having an honest conversation about “this is how I felt before the separation,” “This is how I felt during the separation,” and “This is how you’re making me feel now and here’s why.”  If the show does not deliver something on this level by the time the season is over, it will start losing audience.  That’s all there is to it.  They go past this season and they will have drawn out their most important relationship dynamic past the point of credibility.


There’s a line that got cut from script for the Clarke/Bell argument scene where Clarke basically calls Bellamy a fool for still thinking he can convince Octavia to live in peace from this whole hair-brained scheme they’ve got going on.  I’m mad they cut it because when I watched the scene originally, I was the one yelling at the screen and rolling my eyes as far back in my head as possible, as I always do with Bell when he acts like a complete dumbass in regards to his sister.  I mean how many goddamn times does the girl have to show you who she is before you finally believe her??

And yet!!  As much as I constantly want to strangle Bellamy for this, I find myself doing a similar thing from time to time.  I touched on this in my 5.06 review, but I’ve always been a sucker for the idea of Clarktavia working as a team to accomplish anything, since it basically never happens.  And this season ever since 5.06 I keep feeling like I might get slightly giddy if we got a little bit of them working together to thwart Bellamy on something.  Tonight, we finally got that, and I enjoyed it for the very short time it lasted before we realize that Octavia ordered Clarke and Madi to get got at the end.  Who’s the fool now?

Still, I enjoyed the scene where Clarke busts in ready to blow O’s head off until O calls her out on how much her decision-making skills are suffering right now.  These two may be mortal enemies right now but they know each other practically like sisters at this point.  And Bell’s face when they walk in that room together to fuck up his master plan is pretty priceless.  It was fun while it lasted.

Madi and The Flame and … Lexa?

Lordt.  O.k. I already touched on Madi and The Flame earlier, but I need to add one thing to this: This show needs to be more clear about what exactly is contained within The Flame when it comes to the info from the former commanders’ brains.  When Madi commands that dude at the end, she clearly knows information that she wouldn’t know if the Flame wasn’t in her head.  But I don’t think the Flame is meant to contain all the actual memories of the former commanders?  I always thought it was sort of like, the essence or spirit or wisdom of those commanders rather than the actual memories.  Kinda like if you have it in your head, you  become one with all the other commanders and are able to make decisions the way they would, communicate with the people the way they would, that type of thing.  But then how does Madi know all the info about this dude?  I dunno, it’s creepy.

And it’s almost hilarious the way this episode was basically designed to just be one long series of trigger points for Bellarke fans, lmao.  If Bell betraying Clarke wasn’t enough, if Clarke bitch-slapping Bell wasn’t enough, if Bell being thrown into the pit wasn’t enough, if Clarke leaving Bell to die wasn’t enough … the writers still had some icing left to lather all over the top of this layer cake of Bellarke terror: Lexa has now risen from the dead and possessed Madi.  Super!!

Final thoughts before I end this:

  • If Clarke doesn’t remember to get those god-forsaken worm eggs out of that rover before she gets past desert territory I’ll call The CW and tell them to cancel this show.
  • The (lack of) lighting in the Bellamy-slapping/Madi rescue scene was a goddamn travesty.  You couldn’t even see the daggers Clarke was shooting out of her eyes at Bellamy as she walked past him to leave.  Infuriating.
  • I am terrified at how many eps they’re gonna separate Clarke and Bellamy when there’s only 4 left.  They’ve got a deep-ass hole to dig out of and we know for sure they’ll be separated at least in the next ep.  If they’re separated in 5.11 too I’ll die.  And how is Bell even gonna get back to Eden with the Rover gone??  Or will everyone else wind up back at Polis instead?
  • Welp, now we know what this tense convo between Clarke and Echo is gonna be about.  “How the hell could you leave my mans like that!?”  “Well, he was mean to me.”  Seems mostly snooze-worthy, though I suppose we could get a teeny nugget or two out of it.  Per usual, not holding my breath though.
  • I spent way too long screencapping the pics of McCreary and Murphy up against that tree.  The scene is weirdly sexy and I can’t help it.

My rating for ep 5.09: 89/100

This is a tough one because honestly the only thing really irking me about the quality of this ep is the fact that Kane hadn’t clued in Raven about Bell/Clarke’s plan.  Oh and also, the fact that Niylah was the only one to immediately suspect Bellamy of having poisoned O.  It’s beyond obvious that it was him.  And the lighting.  I think the rest of the ep was very good, but at the same time, if the last 4 eps disappoint me, it’ll be this ep I look back to as the point where it all went to hell.  On the other hand, if the last 4 eps reasonably fulfill my expectations, I’ll look back at this ep as having been quite effective in whipping us all up into an obsessive frenzy going into the final 4.  For now, since I haven’t seen the final 4 yet, all I can do is rate it for its effectiveness as whipping us into a frenzy.  And knowing these fuckers, I’ll be saying this every goddamn week for the next 3 because they’ll literally shove everything important into the finale.  God, I’ll be so mad if they screw this up.

But one of the reasons I haven’t freaked out too much about 5.09 is because at the very least, we’re done with the goddamn hiatuses.  Getting an ep every week is going to feel absolutely luxurious in comparison, and it means we’ll get our answer (did we get duped by this show again?) very soon.  Whee!  See ya next Tuesday.

One thought on “Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 5.09: “Sic Semper Tyrannis”

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