Covert Affairs Flashback: The Walkerson Breakup

Back in 2013 & 2014, I reviewed Covert Affairs every week over at GeekFurious.  I had a pretty decent audience of readers at the time (most of whom were Twitter friends and fellow fans of the show).  In early 2014, during the hiatus between seasons 4 and 5, conversations with fellow fans of the show and lingering frustration with how ridiculously the Walkerson storyline had been written prompted me to make a “comic strip” showing my interpretation of how the Walkerson relationship went down.  As ridiculously as I rendered it in the comic strip, I still to this day maintain that it was really not an mischaracterization of how the storyline actually played out on our TV screens.  Simplified and exaggerated for comedic effect, sure, but not untrue!  It was one of the biggest problems with season 4 of the show.

Heh.  I hadn’t looked at the thing forever, but today a conversation with my friend Shelby reminded me of it, and we went back and looked at it, and LOLed all over again.  It’s on my old blog, and trying to look at it on my phone made me realize how terribly that blog is designed for viewing any sort of series of pics on the mobile view.  This blog works much better for that, so I decided to move it here.  So here it is, from February 2014 …

Walkerson: A Comic Strip

The story starts off as follows:  Once upon a time, in Washington D.C., a spy couple was madly in love … their strong and loving relationship could withstand anything, even the discovery of a secret dead wife from Auggie’s past …

cs_404_1_finalcs_404_2_finalcs_404_3_words_finalcs_404_3_comiccs_301_5_final2cs_406_2_finalcs_406_1_finalcs_406_3_finalcs_406_4_finalcs_406_5_finalcs_406_6_finalcs_406_7_finalcovert_affairs_annie_407_final2private-jet_final2cs_407_16_finalcs_407_18_finalcs_407_19_finalcovert_affairs_helen_407_5_finalcs_407_21_finalcovert_affairs_helen_407_5_robot_finalcs_407_23_edited-1_finalcs_407_24_finalcs_407_2_final_edited-1cs_407_4_finalcs_407_3_edited-2 cs_407_6_edited-2_finalcs_407_5_finalcs_407_9_edited-2_finalcs_407_11_edited-2_finalcs_407_12_finalcs_407_13_finalcs_407_14_finalcs_407_15_finalcs_408_5_finalcs_408_1_finalcs_408_2_finalcs_408_3_finalcs_408_4_finalalbertsons-comedy-cashier2_covert_affairscs_301_4_finalo-dog-cocked-head-facebook_finalHahah o.k. to be fair, everything from the grocery guy to the dog is completely made up.  That was just me getting extra angry about how wishy-washy these two turned out to be and going a bit crazy, lol.  I probably shouldn’t have done that because for the sake of talking about how ridiculous the “Auggie cheats with Helesa” storyline then was later in the season, I should be extremely clear that they did NOT break up again after the scene 4 frames up where they were back to being unbreakable soulmates!  It essentially went from “we’re soulmates again” to this:


O.k., not really FIN.  More like, to be continued.  My original intention was to make another comic strip after this one to show the whole “Auggie cheats with Helesa” mess, but ultimately I was still too grossed out with the whole thing to spend the time on it, haha.  The amount of time I’d have to spend re-playing and pausing it a hundred times to get screencaps would be detrimental to my sanity.  But I had already previously created a few comic frames to show some of the aftermath of that at the time it all played out in the first place.  I’ll probably post those here too but in a different blog entry.

Oh and yes obviously more stuff happened between “We’re soulmates again” and “Annie is fake-dead in the elevator” than I let on up there.  But none of it was related to the Walkerson relationship itself.  It was all related to Henry’s reign of terror, Henry killing Teo, and Annie ultimately feeling like she had no choice but to fake her own death to stop him.  Part of the reason I skipped all that is because even that storyline was so rushed (we literally had only 1 and 3/4ths eps between those two scenes) that it didn’t feel logical or necessary either.

So yeah that’s the gist of it.  I could go on about that too but I won’t, because I already did it in my episode reviews at the time it happened!

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