Review: ‘The 100’ S3 Finale: “Perverse Instantiation Pt. 2”


“We’ll figure something out.  We always do.”

OMG it took Clarke soooo long to just get the show on the road with that goddamn kill switch!!  I was about to have a nervous breakdown.  Anyway.  Wow.  That was a pretty damn good finale.  It was a win for me not just because it was a great episode, but also because I actually got to watch it.  I swear there is some sort of TV fangirl curse on me that causes me to always be out of town when finales of my favorite shows air.   I was in London when the Covert Affairs S4 summer finale aired, and I was in NYC last June when Jon Snow got murdered on the shitty low-def TV in my hotel room (but that time I was lucky enough to at least be able to watch the ep when it aired).  This time, I was on a business trip to North Carolina, and I wasn’t sure if I’d be back in my hotel room in time to watch The 100 finale.  But luckily I was and the hotel actually had the CW channel in HD.  Plus I got to watch it in “real time”, i.e. Eastern Time!  When I’m at home I always have to avoid the internet for 3 hours till it airs here.  So, it really was a win all around.

Now, here’s the thing.  I have a lot to say about season 3 as a whole, so I’m going to do that as a totally separate review.  For this review I’m going to focus specifically on ep 3.16, the season finale.  Let’s get right to it.

Clarke and Abby

First off, I gotta say, I was really glad they didn’t bother with “previously on” in this ep.  It’s a waste of valuable screentime and I always want more story anyway.  It reminded me of Mockingjay Part 2 the way they started the movie by just cutting straight to Katniss getting her neckbrace removed.  In “Perverse Instantiation Pt. 2” we had Clarke, the Katniss of The 100, (lest anyone ever wonder why I love The 100, there’s your answer) sucking the chip out of Abby’s neck.  Finally.  Abby had been such a psycho zombie bitch for so many episodes by this point that it took me a few minutes to remind myself of how much she fought to avoid taking the chip back in ep 3.11.  Or wait – 3.10?  It was about 6 eps ago but it feels like a lifetime.  I also had to remind myself that she only did it to save Raven’s life.

So, poor Abby.  She woke up remembering all the fucked up shit she did.  But by the same token, Clarke was in a similar boat considering that she just a few minutes earlier was totally gonna let Abby hang herself.  And she doesn’t have “I was chipped!” as an excuse.  So at least they’re kinda sorta on a level-ish playing field now.  “Oops mom I swear I didn’t want to hang you!”  “Oops honey did I poke those holes in your chest??”

urkelIt’s o.k. ladies.  The point is that you finally have each other back now.  You only ever want the best for each other, it’s just that sometimes things go a little sideways.  My happy place is Clabby goodness, so ep 3.16 got off to a great start right out of the gate.


I was a little nervous about what they were gonna do with the flame in this ep.  Mainly because that black blood is creepy AF and I didn’t want Clarke to have it permanently haaha.  Stupid reason but it’s true.  Actually, I take that back, that was only the secondary reason I didn’t want it to be permanent.  The primary reason by  a longshot is that it’d be a little weird for Clarke to sorta merge with Lexa as one being when they were romantic partners.  It would be like if me and my husband decided to just become the same person.  Creepy.  Actually wait, I changed my mind yet again.  The main #1 reason I didn’t want the night’s blood to be permanent is that I want Clarke to be Clarke, I don’t want her to become some sort of magical being or something.  I want her to be who she is.  So I was relieved that this all was just temporary.

I gotta ask though, as someone with zero medical expertise: What if Clarke and Ontari were different blood types?  You can’t just take anyone’s blood and put it into any other person, can you?  Maybe there’s some extra medical detail here that I’m missing.  Hmm.  Either way, the storyline was interesting enough that I can look past that confusion.

Bellamy Completes the Very Slow Process of Pulling His Head Out of His Ass


My lord.  I mean look, I’ve said a lot about the issues with Bellamy’s storyline this season, and we all know what they are.  I’m also going to touch on it in more detail in my season 3 review.  So for now, I’ll just talk about the way they wrapped it up in this ep.

First off, I’m a little afraid they’re setting Octavia up for a similar scorched earth arc next season, but my hope is that she’s stronger than Bellamy.  Yes, she got her revenge on Pike, which I’ll touch on later, but I’m hoping that they let her get what she needs from that act of revenge.  That should be enough, right?

As for Bellamy, I’ve spent the entire second half of this season being afraid that even though he finally stopped working with Pike, that he may still not quite fully understand how horribly wrong his actions were in the first half of the season.  I was worried that Pike would be like a bad ex-boyfriend to Bellamy, such that if he ever came back again with flowers begging for Bellamy to take him back, that Bell would fall for it.  I was afraid Bellamy was weak.  He always has been a little weak compared to Clarke, but everyone’s a little weak compared to Clarke.  Except Octavia and Indra, probably.

So it was good to see Bell clearly tell both Octavia and Pike that what he had done was wrong.  Pike’s excuse that the Grounders would have attacked when Lexa died … hmm.  I gotta think about that.  I suppose it’s possible, since Lexa was the only one convincing them that the Skaikru was worth anything, but what did they have to attack for at that point?  And wasn’t Indra leading them?  Indra’s not an idiot.  I’m sure she would’ve had them retreat to figure out their next steps upon hearing of Lexa’s death.  I dunno, I’d need to rewatch it, but it seems like bullshit.  And Bellamy seemed just as unsure about this as I am.  But his response seemed to involve him still concluding that what they did was wrong.  Good.

Clarke in City of Light, Jasper, and Clexa

The_100_316-8The City of Light storyline was probably the best part of the episode, yeah?  I thought it was super well done.  There was only one shot right at the beginning that was clearly bad greenscreen, but luckily it was short.  I’m assuming they probably realized later that they needed that particular shot but hadn’t gotten it when they were filming in downtown Vancouver.  Everything else looked great.

Jasper and his ice cream cone, that little punk, that was fun too.  If anything it’s really a wonder that it took Jasper so long to finally take the chip, considering the fact that he’s been the one in the most mental pain this season starting right out of the gate in 3.01.  It was fun to watch him and Clarke face off mano-a-mano in that creepy garage/warehouse type building … and fitting, considering how angry Jasper has been at Clarke the entire season ever since she killed Maya.

And Lexa.  I have a lot to say about her arc this season which I will do in my season 3 review, but I thought this was a good way to give better closure to her story.  I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she came back in season 4 as well for some dream sequences or something.  The flame still exists, so I’m sure they’ll find a way to do it.  Anyway, it’s interesting, because if you’ve read my reviews, you know that Clexa-shipping has never been a thing I’ve done with this show, although I’ve always enjoyed Clarke and Lexa’s dynamic as two powerful young female leaders and all-around badasses.  As a romantic couple they’re great, it’s just that Lexa and the Clexa romance have never been my drivers for loving the show.

BUT, that said – Even for me as a stone-hearted non-Clexa-shipper, the scene where Lexa showed up to kick the asses of the CoL baddies and to save Clarke legit made me tear up.  There were a lot of “awww” moments in this finale but this was the only moment that actually got me teary-eyed and verkempt.  I reacted the same way to this scene as I did to Jon and Sansa’s reunion in Game of Thrones last Sunday.  And plus, Lexa’s ass-kicking scene was super cool.  Well done to the director who actually I’m realizing I didn’t catch who directed the finale.  I’ll have to check.

More Clontari and … OMG MURPHY!!


First off, LOL I love how we skipped straight from Abby gently slicing Ontari’s chest with a scalpel to her entire chest/ribcage just already being neatly cracked fully open.  Isn’t there a step in between these two things?  Like, the chest-cracking part?  I don’t know how any of this works very well but I did watch a lot of ER in the mid to late 90’s, lol.  I know they essentially just edited that part out here, but it seems like cracking a chest open would be something that’s hard to do and takes a teeny bit more time.  What the hell do I know though.  Nearly nothing on this topic, really.

It was good that they gave Clarke some physical challenges to overcome in this ep, considering all the wacky shit she had to put herself through to take the flame.  It would’ve been boring if she just waltzed right through the City of Light with no issues whatsoever with the whole crazy Ontari/blood transfusion set-up.  It set us up for that great save by Lexa, and also …

OMG, MURPHY!!  Holy shit please no one tell Murphy this but I feel like he morphed fully into sweetie sweetheart zone with his actions in this ep.  I mean, as much as Murphy could possibly do this.  First off, he did a good job assisting Clarke with the flame, and then alerting Abby when shit starting going sideways with the transfusion.  But the scene where he had to literally take Ontari’s heart and squeeze it for like 30 minutes straight (or however long it was)!?  HAHAHAH.  It was at once disgusting, hilarious and one of the sweetest things I’ve ever witnessed on this show.

It’s easy to argue that Murphy was just working for his own self-interest per usual, because Clarke and the flame were everyone’s only chance of surviving at that point.  And I’m sure that was a big part of it, as I think it would be for anyone.  But I refuse to believe at this point, 3 full seasons into the series, that there wasn’t at least some part of him that was doing this disgusting thing to help Clarke and eventually to help Emori too.  I’m glad they gave Murphy someone to care about this season other than himself.  We all hated him in season 1, but his arc since then has been really great to watch.


“We’ll keep you safe.”

OMG.  I’m trying to keep my composure here but when Clarke reached out for Bellamy’s hand I literally physically made the “SQUEEEE!!” noise out loud in my hotel room.  I’m not sure I can say I’ve ever made that noise out loud before.  That one little shot will be (and already is) fodder for gifs on Tumblr for the entire hiatus and beyond.  Ahh.  I started to write more serious analysis on this but just I realized I should save that for my season 3 review.  So.  Stay tuned.

Jasper and Monty (and Harper, Oh My!)


Honestly there’s not a whole lot to say here except, thank GOD they are all back together again.  And our beloved Jonty were able to have a proper reconciliation while Jasper was himself, not evil Bizarro Jasper.  Jasper is back in the painful real world again, but it feels like he’s better equipped now to be able to deal with it.

Princess Mechanic

O.k. so, here’s the deal.  Raven is a fucking badass.  We all know that, and she continued to be a badass here, essentially being the brains behind saving the entire fucking world (for now).  So, I love her more than ever.  Obvi.  BUT I also have to say … I feel like after this we need some serious Clarke/Raven stuff in season 4.  NOT in a shipper way, teenagers of the internet, don’t get all hot and bothered on me.  Lol.  I just mean in terms of their friendship and their relationship in general.

I say this because the arc these two have been on has been so NOT what anyone expected back in season 1.  Back in season 1 we all feared the worst – That all these two would ever be is romantic rivals, proverbially pulling each other’s hair in a never-ending catfight.  Jerry Springer style.  Uggh.  Yawn.  The arc these two have been on instead has been such a huge fucking relief.  The guy they had beef over in season 1 lost his marbles and died a season and a half ago, and that’s a pain they share in common, while also working together as a team to save everyone’s asses (before he died and after, that dynamic never changed).  When that Raven symbol showed up on the door/portal thing to the kill switch room, my feels went through the roof.  I need more of these two as a team.  Please.  Season 4.  Writers, do you hear me?

Octavia and Pike

Even with the fact that Octavia has been overtly plotting Pike’s death for the past several episodes straight, the absolute last thing I expected this season to end on would be Octavia shoving a sword through Pike’s torso in a scene that would otherwise have been at least some level of a reconciliation.  It’s not that I didn’t think she’d do something like this; that part makes complete sense.  And it’s a fitting way to end Pike’s storyline.  But to use it as the very last scene of the entire season makes me wonder what the writers were going for in terms of the significance and meaning of it.  Should we …

a) Take it as just exactly what it is, which is simply the proper conclusion to Pike’s arc, and Octavia avenging Lincoln’s death?  And I say “a proper conclusion” because, like I’ve said in my past couple reviews, there’s no way in hell I’d be comfortable with Pike’s arc ending in anything other than his death or his lifelong imprisonment.  I didn’t need revenge on him (it’s not anywhere near a Ramsay Bolton situation), I just need him to NEVER be able to pull his stupid Pike shit again.  The world is not safe if he’s running around free.


b) Take it as Octavia going off in some Bellamy-esque direction next season?  Like losing her shit and going on murdering sprees?  I really, sincerely hope it’s option A.  I really can’t take another of my favorite characters turning dumb and bad.


Becca vs. A.L.I.E. vs. Clarke

You know, it’s funny because as Clarke (finally) pulled that kill switch, the first thing I thought of was, “Are seasons 2 and 3 really ending with the exact same visual – that a big-ass lever being pulled by Clarke??”  But it wasn’t until I read Eric Goldman’s IGN review that I realized, all THREE seasons have ended this way!!  Even in season 1, Clarke had to pull a big ol’ lever to rev up the drop ship!  Hahaha is this going to just be a permanent theme now, that at the end of every season, we have to find some way to get Clarke to a big lever that somehow fixes shit and saves everyone??  That would be pretty hilarious.

It drove me insane that Clarke even gave more than 2 seconds consideration to the bullshit A.L.I.E. was feeding her after all that’s gone down this season, but I guess it wouldn’t be sufficiently suspenseful of Clarke just told her to fuck off right away.  The thing ALIE said about the world coming to an end was certainly enough to give anyone pause, but I don’t consider the City of Light to be a sufficient solution to anything.  But it was a fun scene nonetheless, mainly to watch a) the interplay between ALIE and Becca, with Erica Cerra doing such an amazing job that I completely forgot they were both the same actress, and b) to watch Clarke actively make the decision that she can’t run away from her problems like she did at the end of season 2.  It doesn’t work.

And as such, it was nice to see Clarke and Bellamy dealing with their new challenge as a team at the end of season 3, unlike season 2 where Clarke just ran away freaking out.  I much prefer it when Clarke stays and fights together with Bell and the DelinquentKru.

My rating for the season 3 finale, ep 3.16: 95/100

Great finale.  I have a lot of thoughts on the successes and missteps of the season as a whole, so I’ll be doing that in my next post.

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