Review: ‘The 100’ Ep 3.09: “Stealing Fire”


Here’s the thing about ep 3.09 of The 100: I didn’t review it.  Not at the time it aired, anyway.  I didn’t even try.  I’m writing this review in July, while the episode aired back in … I think late March.  I’m going to timestamp this review close to the airing of the ep though, just to keep it in the right order relative to the other ep reviews on my blog.  Anyway, this was the episode that kicked off the second half of season 2; its big “returning from the 3-week midseason hiatus” ep.  Season 3 ended up being a little weird timing-wise, because its last pre-hiatus ep was really not a major episode (half the cast wasn’t even in it), and then its return from hiatus was one of my least-favorite eps of the season.

But was 3.09 really that bad, or was I just busy during that timeframe?  You know what?  I’m realizing, I started a new job that week.  Which probably explains why I also never finished my 3.10 review the week after, even though I enjoyed that episode.  So maybe this can’t all be blamed on the quality of the ep.  Can it?  Let me re-watch.  Oh snaps I’m pretty sure this was literally the only episode of season 3 that I never re-watched.  That does say something.  Let me start this baby up again and see what I think the second time around …



Damn, Clarke’s hair was still extremely oily and matted at this point in the season.  Did she wash it in ep 10 or something?  She couldn’t have, she was traveling through that whole ep.  Now I feel a need to find out at what point in the season she finally washed her hair a little.  It’s not as if they don’t have fancy bathtubs in Polis though!!  Come on Clarke, didn’t you at least want to wash up before getting busy with Lexa?  Oh well.  Aww look how sweet Murphy’s being.  “I’m sorry Clarke, I know how much she meant to you.”  And Clarke just snaps back with some shit about choosing the right Commander.  Yeesh Clarke, this is like literally the first time Murphy’s ever been nice to you and you don’t even appreciate the moment.

And new Commander kid isn’t long for this world, is he.  I do love that Clarke, even after her true love has just been murdered, is still all business with Baby Commander asks her if she wants a minute alone with Lexa’s body.  That’s why we love her.  She may be devastated but she doesn’t need to waste time crying when there’s important bidness to attend to.  She needs to make sure Baby Commander keeps the alliance with Skaikru.  Luckily he’s a boy of integrity leading a group of sweet angelic little nuggets and everyone will live happily ever after because of it.

Oops.  Here comes Ontari barging in to knee Clarke in the chest and declare war on Skaikru.  Don’t worry though, Titus says Lexa’s spirit will choose Aiden.  We’re good guys, no worries.  Oh …. uh.  K.  Whoops.  That didn’t go super well.  This scene actually greatly annoyed me, because while I love the fact that this show has never had any qualms about being as brutal as any Game of Thrones ep, it doesn’t have the license to actually do that so freely like GoT does.  HBO is essentially a free-for-all; The 100 doesn’t have that luxury on broadcast television.  You can’t show the severed head of a child on The effing CW.  So while I have no issue with Ontari killing poor Baby Commander in such a brutal way, I take major issue with the fact that The 100 did this knowing full well that they couldn’t even show it.  So the scene ended up just looking super lame, with Ontari holding something up in the air out of the frame that we couldn’t even see.  The best we got was a tumble of some undecipherable object when she dropped it on the ground.  It could’ve been a basketball for all we knew.  Weaksauce.

I forget if I’ve mentioned this in any of my other reviews, but it’s kind of hilarious how the sacred box the Grounders keep The Flame in looks like something they found in the ruins of a shopping mall Ed Hardy store.  O.k. I feel guilty even suggesting such a horrible thing. Maybe it was a Hot Topic.

Clarke (to Roan): “Oh, whatever’s best for your people, is that it??”

Roan: “That’s it.  Kinda like killing every man woman and child in Mount Weather was best for yours.”

Murphy: “That’s not a bad point.”

Clarke: “Shut up, Murphy.”

Roan was a great character.  The only shame was that we didn’t get more of him.  He played a smaller role this season than I thought he would.  I guess he did manage to show up at various key points though.  Shame they killed him, I would’ve liked to see him next season.  I guess they didn’t technically show him die onscreen though, so maybe there’s hope.

“I don’t GET IT.  If nightblood is so rare then why do you let them KILL each other!?  That has to be the dumbest succession plan I’ve ever … <choke>” – Clarke

LMAO.  That is really stupid.  Titus mumbled some sort of comeback to that claim but I couldn’t make out what he said.

Boring Clarke


Murphy: “We are not leaving, are we?”

Clarke: “Not without the flame.”

I found this to be another frustrating and claustrophobic Clarke ep when I watched it the first time, but on second watch, it was less frustrating.  And it’s obvious why that is – Now, I know what happens in the following eps – I know that Clarke finally gets out of Polis and starts doing interesting stuff again.  But when I watched it the first time, it was just yet another ep of her running around Polis trying to make deals and move the chess pieces around  – this time with who would become Lexa’s successor as commander.  It’s an important plot point, yes.  But when I first watched it, I had already been itching for weeks to get her the fuck out of Polis and back on the road to Arkadia again to fix the shit going on with Skaikru.  And it didn’t happen until the very end of the ep.  And then it was just yet another week I’d have to wait for her to get the hell back there.

Watching it now gives me a better perspective and I can now just enjoy the story for what it is – Clarke mourning Lexa and moving more chess pieces around before finally heading back to Arkadia.  So.  S’aiight.


God.  Fucking Bellamy.  I forgot how much he was still sucking up to Pike in this episode even though he seemed to finally start to see the light in ep 8, the one just prior to this.  At least he managed to save the lives of all the other Grounders Pike was about to execute along with Pike.  Still pretty weaksauce though.  Oh wait, isn’t this the one where he sneaks out and meets up with Octavia to try to help them escape the mess he helped create?  At least there’s that, I guess.  Dude he’s still acting like suuuch a little bitch with Lincoln though.  WORST.  I really hated him at this point in the season.

O.k. there he goes finally making a plan with Miller and Harper, who understandably no longer trust him as far as they can throw him.  “Does your mom know you’re here, Monty?”  Bwahaha.  Good one Harper.

Octavia, Indra and Bellamy

Jesus I forgot what a slimeball Bellamy was with Octavia in this ep too.  “You NEED ME, Octavia!!”  Oh STFU Bellamy, you reek of desperation and Octavia doesn’t need you for SHIT at this point.  You’ve done nothing but fuck everything up all season, there’s no reason to think you’d suddenly be able to fix everything now.  Then again, I guess it was probably stupid of Octavia to chain Bellamy in that cave when he could have at least attempted to go back to Arkadia and set Lincoln free … but wait … if he really had the power to do that (the keys??) then why didn’t he just DO it rather than running out to cry to Octavia first?  O.k. yeah, no, I was right the first time – he’s totally useless.

Dude and the thing he says to Indra about why he didn’t kill her when they were massacring all the Trikru in the field outside Arkadia?  Is the reason he stopped Pike from killing her seriously only because of Octavia??  Because if so that is pretty fucked.  Shouldn’t it be enough that she’s a human being who he knows to be a good person??  UGGH.  Then again what can I expect from someone who just helped massacre the other 299 people in the field.  Which just makes me angry all over again because Bellamy would never do that shit.  He just wouldn’t.  What.  EVER.



Aww, I forgot this was the ep when Kabby officially became a thing.  I know I’ve talked about this before, but one of the biggest successes they’ve had on this series with character progression is Kane.  The scene where Abby tells him “I can’t go through this again,” referring to Kane’s pending execution, really drives that home – The other time she had to go through it, back on the Ark, Kane was the damn executioner.  She absolutely loathed Kane at that point.  And look how far we’ve come.  And Kane’s progression has been believable too, because he was very clearly drawn as a complex character in season 1.  He was an asshole pretty often, but the writers did a great job at showing is his motivations for this in an empathetic way.  Too bad they couldn’t do the same thing for Bellamy in S3.  Grr.

Monty & Mommy

O.k., dude, this scene with Monty and his mom just straight-up did NOT make any sense.  Why the fuck is Monty standing right next to his freaking mother while they are carrying out this secret – OH right duh I remember now.  It’s all part of the plan.  But now that I just watched it play out, I remember that I was totally confused as to why Harper later still used he same frequency to tell Octavia and them that there were too many guards or whatever.  Octavia says “This wasn’t part of the plan” but doesn’t expand on that statement really.  Am I missing something here?  Full disclosure, it is late as I’m watching this and I’m sleepy.  But Octavia also mumbles in the damn scene.  Oh well.  Point is, Monty is forced to choose his friends over Mommy.  Uggh, it’s about goddamn time.



This is obviously the main reason why I never watched this episode more than once.  I have so many problems with the Lincoln storyline this season that it’s hard to count.  But I went on a rant about it in my season 3 review that thoroughly covers the bottom line.  Lincoln dies a hero, yes.  He stays back to save his people, because he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he just peaced out on them knowing full well what could happen to them if he left.  But the bottom line here is that his story was total shit this season.  It was a non-story.  He may as well not even have been there.  Literally the only purpose he served this season was to highlight what a fucking dick Bellamy had become and to give Octavia a motivation to avenge his death and a driver to be a good person and help save humanity (because WWLD – What Would Lincoln Do?).  Other than this, he was a non-entity this season and then they shot him in the head.  It’s stupid.

And it’s a damn travesty, because Lincoln was such a great character in seasons 1 and 2.  His storyline shouldn’t have ended in such a lame-ass way.  I cried when they killed him because all of it was just shitty and depressing.  For the rest of my rant on this, see my season 3 review.

My rating for ep 3.09: 76/100

Honestly, this ep on second watch was really fine, except for the Lincoln stuff.  That is the main reason I’ve lowered my grade, as this was the ep where it was confirmed that Lincoln’s storyline really was just almost totally useless this season.  So this ep’s rating is what gets docked because of it.  Also, other than the Lincoln thing, there was stuff going on, but none of it was extremely exciting to me.  Not enough to make up for the Lincoln stuff.

Now I’m gonna go finish my review for ep 3.10.

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