Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.05: “Hakeldama”

The_100_305_1OH … uuhh… OH o.k. … I didn’t … WOW.  That was … that went in an entirely different direction than I expected.  Well, maybe not entirely, but significantly, at least for a couple of the major storylines.  Particularly the ending.

You want to know irony?  Irony is the fact that in “Hakeldama”, my historically least favorite storyline on the series suddenly felt like my only hope of salvation for season 3.  I’m talking about Jaha, if that’s not obvious.  And it’s fitting, considering that Jaha seems to consider himself something of a prophet at this point.  Look, I love his lunacy, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that when he’s not hallucinating babies and throwing people into the jaws of sea monsters, we’ve gotten long stretches of him just wandering around the desert on the way to imaginary places that don’t seem to exist.  During these stretches, his storyline has tended to feel like it’s just slowing down the momentum of the others.  Season 3 has picked up a bit for him now with A.L.I.E., but then he wasn’t even in eps 3.03 or 3.04.  And yet, the second he comes back to Arkadia, I suddenly find myself clinging to him as my only ray of hope to throw dumbass mother effer Pike off his psychotic game, and thus to save the Skaikru from their own stupidity.  Maybe Jaha really is the savior he claims to be.

And yes, I fully understand the fact that Jaha is about to get our characters into a world of new trouble at this point, but frankly if I had to choose between the Pike Pricks Reign of Terror vs. literally any other kind of trouble that could possibly occur, I’d choose the latter in a heartbeat.  I’d be willing to live with almost any consequence at this point in order to get Pike out of my effing face and off my TV screen.  Or at the very least, if I have to live with him buzzing around, I need to at least get his power taken away.  Somehow.  I need to make it happen.  Jaha, A.L.I.E., I hope you’re listening.  Do something.  Anything.  Please.  Yeah, I’m sure I’ll regret this plea soon.

How fucking hysterical was it though, to watch Abby and Kane’s reactions to Jaha’s City of Light proclamations?  “Oh … o.k. … umm … coooollll.  That’s … grreeaat.  Cool story bro.  I’ll definitely check it out.  Maybe next week.”  I have an aunt who is extremely religious – well I have a LOT of family members who are very religious – but I have one aunt in particular who has that exact blend of religious devotion + charisma + a decent helping of lunacy, which prompted me to describe Jaha as going full [MY AUNT’S NAME REDACTED] in this ep.  He made the complete transition.  As you can see from my other blog, I’m eternally fascinated by religion, so Jaha’s storyline actually kept me quite entertained in this episode.  And it rang true – start up any human society, give it a little time, and some form of religion will emerge eventually.


Before I get to the other plot points, let’s talk for a bit about the episode as a whole.  After last week’s abomination of a Bellamy storyline, I was really NOT looking forward to 3.05.  I knew that Bellamy’s disgusting actions would play out here, and that it would be hard to watch.  And sure enough, it was – almost even harder to watch than I expected it would be, because Bell was far more of a giant gaping stubborn ASShole here than I even thought he would be.  So then why did I end up enjoying this ep about 800 times more than I enjoyed last week’s ep?  Simple – Our core characters were BACK.  CLARKE was back – back to her old self; back to the Clarke we know and love.  The Clarke who gets shit done.  Our faves were together, finally having proper reunions and talking things out and making moves to get us out of this Pike mess.  Thank god.  THIS is The 100 I know and love.  Let’s talk details of the ep now.

Plot Hole Alert?

First off, I have to call this out.  I tend to be pretty damn forgiving when it comes to plot holes, as long as the overall trajectory of the characters and stories makes sense.  But it’s possible that ep 3.05 had a huge plot hole that I didn’t even fully realize until the day after the ep.  I definitely did spend the first 5 minutes of the ep wondering, why the hell are the Skaikru so confused about what it was that Pike and Bellamy and pricks went out there to do to Indra’s army the previous night?  Didn’t they essentially spell it out in bright red ink for everyone at the end of 3.04?  “Hey guys, get out of our way, we’re gonna go fuck this army up!!”  Where’s the confusion??  And then later, I saw a tweet that reminded me that Kane had a damn RADIO to contact Indra with!!  Why the HELL wouldn’t he have just tipped her off immediately that the Pike Pricks were on their way over there to do something bad?  He could have saved these 300 people from being slaughtered to begin with, and he could thus stop an entire potential war from happening.

Was the radio just a one-way thing or something?  I’m re-watching the ep and it makes it sound like it’s a signal type deal, maybe a not-so-optimal technical solution – i.e. it’s a one way radio.  That would be the only logical explanation.  I see a bunch of people asking the writers on Twitter what the deal was there, but no answer as of yet.  Grr.  I’ll try to move on, for now.

Octavia, Clarke, and Clarktavia

Not only was I absolutely thrilled to see Clarke back to her old self here, doing what she does best, but one of my favorite parts of this episode was Clarktavia.  These two have always been somewhat at odds, since day 1 when Octavia was calling dibs on Finn.  Clarke deciding to let Octavia get blown up at Ton DC only made matters that much worse, and it really hasn’t improved from there.  Particularly because these two literally haven’t been in the same room together since the season 2 finale.  (Err – wait – I guess they were in a room together briefly at the end of 3.03?  But they haven’t talked.  You get my point.)  But it’s always been my hope that Clarke and Octavia will eventually wind up on the same team, because they both have such different strengths that I think they would be a formidable duo.  They weren’t exactly hugging and making up here, but that’s fine with me, because that’s not how these two roll, at least not in their relationship.  But they were working together here like a well-oiled machine towards a common goal, and this had me grinning from ear to ear.  This is the stuff that great 100 eps are made of, as far as I’m concerned.

Now, I called out Octavia first in the title of this section for a reason – In my 3.03 review I said, “…if Bellamy is about to be ruined this season (ARRGH), I hope Octavia steps up to the plate as the Blake I can really root for.”  And wouldn’t ya know it, she stepped up to the plate in 3.05, big time.  I’ve mentioned in the past that as annoying as Octavia can be when she’s in Floorboard Baby mode, I still root for her, because we all see her potential.  We see what she’s like when she’s at her best, and she was in her absolute element here.  “I was born for this.”  YASS Queen.  Slay.

Clarke and Abby – Clabby?


I’m going to make this section short because I really only have one thing to say here – The scenes between these two in ep 3.05 were everything I wanted for them in 3.03 but didn’t get.  Clarke acted weirdly cold to Abby in their big reunion there and it pissed me the hell off.  In 3.05 she seems to have somewhat shaken off her Great Wanheda complex* to some extent, and just started acting like Clarke again.  Clarke and Abby being copacetic is another happy place for me.

* I never even thought of the concept of a “Great Wanheda complex” until just this second, btw.  It’s not something I’ve been consciously annoyed about, but it just seems like a possible reason for her lameness towards Abby in 3.03.

The Blakes

I’m going to keep this section short too, because I already called out the important stuff related to the Blakes in the Octavia section.  I love Bellamy more than cats love laser pointers, but Bellamy can go fuck himself right now.  I’m angry that the show has brought him into this bizarro pod person state that I still think does not ring true to his character, but it’s where we are.  So, I hate to say it, but Bellamy can go float and Octavia is emerging as the hero who will put that beautiful bastard in his place.  I’m at the point where I seriously cannot WAIT until the scene where she kicks the shit out of him.  He deserves it already.


Is it out of character for Lexa to flip her script from “Jus Drein Jus Daun” to “Jus Drein NOPE Daun”?  Umm … I mean … it did seem a little quick for me.  Especially considering that it happened right after Lexa found 300 of her people slaughtered in their sleep.  This is by far the dirtiest tactic and most heinous act anyone outside the Ice Nation or Mount Weather has committed at this point, and it just happened 5 seconds ago.  It’s this fact that makes Lexa’s surprising decision a bit far-fetched for me.  But if I can get past that element, then it’s not entirely out of the realm of possibility.  This is a case where the writers have done about a million times more groundwork in order to support a character changing their usual M.O. than they did with poor Bellamy.  Lexa has always been more progressive as a leader than her Grounder culture dictates, and she clearly respects Clarke as a leader as well.  I can see where her trajectory and lessons learned from the time she was introduced until now has kind of led her to this.

I watched a hilarious reaction vid yesterday by … Maria Rodriguez is her name.  Maria’s reaction to this scene, while maybe not the explanation the writers were going for, made me LMAO because, well, here’s what she says – Indra to Lexa: “You can’t seriously be considering this.”  Maria Rodriguez: “Yeah she is. I mean she’s whipped AF.”  Lol.  It would be hard to argue that there’s no element of truth to this.  It certainly does come into play a teeeny tiny bit as part of the explanation I gave above.


Lincoln, like I said in my review last week, is still getting fucked over.  I don’t like it.  And I especially don’t like it coming from Bellamy.  These guys were friends.  This ain’t right.  But I do love how easily Lincoln can kick the asses of all Pike’s panty-wastes with guns.  Effin’ morons.

Murphy and Emori

Aawww, Murphy gets a love story!  These two were cute.  Murphy has finally met his soulmate.  Someone who is just as much of a survivor – a “cockroach” – as he is.  But in a cute way.  Two little scavenging criminal peas in a pod.  But now Murphy’s kidnapped so that kinda sucks.  Hopefully it’ll bring him back in with the OG crew at some point, at least.  We’ll see.


I’ve already talked several key Bellamy details, so in this section I’ll just say this:  This episode made it more official than I ever could have imagined in my worst fangirl nightmares – Season 3 is going in the absolute shittiest direction possible for both Bellamy and Bellamy fans.  I’m trying to think of worse scenarios, and I suppose if he were to spend the entire season punching babies in the face and throwing kittens in blenders, that might suck more.  But in terms of scenarios that are actually plausible, season 3 has been a complete shit show for our beloved Bell.  And it probably will continue to be, for lord only knows how long.  Brace yourselves, guys, this is going to be a rough, excruciating ride.



Jaha H. Christ.  I was super down on the “shipper” shit in last week’s review so I’ll just clarify that I’m not talking in a romantic sense here, just in a relationship sense.  This.  Fucking.  Scene.  This scene was not just 5 episodes in the making (as in, 5 eps since the last time these two truly talked), but 2 1/2 full seasons in the making.  This was The 100 at its best, and Bob Morley and Eliza Taylor better than we’ve ever seen them.  It was a release of anger and resentment that had built up since the season 2 finale, but also a culmination of literally everything Clarke and Bellamy have been through together since season 1.  I’m trying to think of the last time these two had any sort of emotional catharsis or hashing out with each other since season 1, “Day Trip”.  They’ve had talks, but nothing like this.  It was a long time coming.

The writers revealed after the episode that the scene was originally written as two separate scenes, presumably split between other scenes and a commercial break.  Keeping it as one long intense epic scene was the smartest thing they could have done, in my opinion.  Splitting it would have totally killed the momentum.  Running it together had me absolutely mesmerized, frozen and so glued to my television set that a bus could have driven through my living room and I still would not have budged.

It’s interesting – A lot of people saw Bellamy’s arguments to Clarke as him simply dumping the blame on her for everything he’s done wrong.  Even my cousin Katie, who is probably Bellamy’s #1 fan, couldn’t fully enjoy the scene because she was so angry at his line of reasoning.  But for me, it had the opposite effect.  As much as I still think the writers have gone way too far outside what I think Bell would ever be capable of, this scene at the very least let me get his point of view a little bit.  Nothing he said here was wrong.  And Eliza throwing in the “Lexa and I” bit, which apparently was not in the script, helped illuminate the way Bellamy sees Lexa and her crew.   It helped illuminate why he’s so angry – that he sees these incidents as a series of situations in which he’s totally let down the people who trusted him.  The Mount Weather situation was one I hadn’t fully thought out before – To him Lexa is simply the one who’s responsible for forcing him into the position of frying all the people who trusted and helped him in there.  She’s a lowdown dirty backstabber and nothing more than that, to him.  And I get that.

And I get why Bell might find himself on a misguided path in order to try to avoid this in the future.  Do I think any of this is enough to turn him into a cold-blooded murderer?  Fuck no.  I still think that’s bullshit.  This is a guy who, after all, even when he was in prime douche mode in early season 1, couldn’t even bring himself to mercy kill his lackey Atom when he was suffering horribly and clearly not going to survive.  This is not a person who murders people while they sleep.  It’s just not.

But at least this scene put me into his head a little bit and helped me better understand his motivations.  It was also quite enlightening on one other front – Last week in my 3.04 review, I angrily and sarcastically said, “Is [Bellamy] simply incapable of thinking clearly without Clarke there to guide him?  Is that the issue?”  According to 3.05, yes, kind of.  I mean there really does seem to be an element of that going on here.  In a recent podcast, I heard Jason (the showrunner) describe Clarke and Bellamy as “the head and the heart,” respectively.  Clarke is the brain, Bellamy is the heart.  They are better leaders together, and apart, they can possibly go slightly astray.  Bellamy seems to have lost his head completely at this point.

I gotta tell you though, the only possible way I can even live with Bell turning around and cuffing Clarke right in the middle of supposedly apologizing to her is to believe that he truly thought it was his only way to protect her.  It’s misguided AF, yes, but I’d much rather it have been motivated by good intentions than simply from him continuing to be the Dick of the Century.


My Raven theory still holds true!!  Every non-Raven ep this season so far: Pffft.  Every ep with Raven so far: Kick-ass.  The Raven trajectory with Jaha has maybe a tad bit of a cheesy feel to me, just because it feels a lil too … I dunno.  Like, “Of course they’re setting her up to get pulled in by these loonies.”  For that reason, most of her scenes with Jaha were a slight mixed-bag for me … especially because they all involved that classic 100 on-the-nose dialogue.  But then at the end, when she took the weird infinity pill thing, it somehow all clicked for me.  Maybe it was just that I thought the scene had more style, plus the lack of speaking made for no cheesy lines, but it worked, especially when she looked up and suddenly saw A.L.I.E.  I was like, “Ohhhhh SNAPS!”

What is the deal with that, anyway?  I didn’t realize until this ep that no one could see A.L.I.E. other than Jaha.  I thought the entire purpose of the magical backpack was to project her out as this freaky hologram thing.  Why the hell could Murphy see her back at the mansion place in ep 3.01, but now no one else can see her??  Had he been given one of those pills while he was unconscious?  I assume we’ll get an explanation for this eventually.  We better.

I’ve been nervous this entire season about where they’re gonna go with this A.L.I.E. thing.  I still am.  I’ve seen storylines like this go horribly awry in the past.  Like when Alias started getting freaky with Faux Francie and the rest of the sci-fi and paranormal shit.  As a matter of fact, this seems to be the case more often than not with storylines like this.  But The 100 is sci-fi, after all, so it’s not like this one is coming out of nowhere.  It’s perfectly in keeping with the series’ theme.  It’s just a weirder theme than they’ve done before, at least on the sci-fi side.  So let’s see where it goes, but at least in this particular episode, it added to my appreciation of the ep that rather than ending with Lexa’s army about to attack Arkadia, it went for this sharp left turn with “BOOM no war let’s all do drruuugggssss instead!!”  Timothy Leary style.  Praise be to Jaha, our Lord and savior.

My rating for ep 3.05: 89/100

Essentially every point deducted from my rating for this ep is because of the Pike and Bellamy storyline.  Oh, and the possible gaping plot hole.

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