Review: ‘The 100’ ep 3.03 “Ye Who Enter Here”

The_100_303Well now.  That was not quite what I expected.  Especially after last week’s episode, in which I was certain that something ridiculously awful was going to happen this week on The 100.  Something like, a beloved character would do something completely nonsensical, and unforgivable, and be ruined forever.  And in order to justify the out-of-character behavior, the story would include a plot device so obvious that we’d all be left, jaws agape, at how the 100 writers could betray our trust in them.  I’ve seen it happen on my favorite shows in the past, and a couple reviews I’d read at the start of the season indicated that this would be the episode where something egregious like this would go down.

And then it … didn’t.  I was not a huge fan of last week’s ep, partly because I was letting the anticipation of “Ye Who Enter Here” get to my head.  So when I watched 3.03 this week and actually found myself thoroughly enjoying it, I was kind of shocked.  I still waited, though, for the other shoe to drop.  I’ve been there before too – I’m just sitting there enjoying an episode, oohing and aahhing, letting myself fall for it, and then, BOOM.  An explosion of terrible writing blows it the fuck up and ruins everything.  But strangely enough, as I watched “Ye Who Enter Here”, this never happened.  That’s not to say it was a perfect ep, but it’s one of the better eps the show has done.

Here’s the thing though – my understanding of the issue Mo and Ryan had with the direction of the season was something that played out across eps 3 and 4.  And I can absolutely see where the writers have spent the entirety of ep 3 setting Pike up to be even 100x more obnoxious than he was to begin with, and where his horrible attitude is about to spread like a cancer through our favorite characters this season.  So I’m completely ready to hate ep 4, but for now, I’m happy that ep 3 on its own was mostly good.  Pike somehow managed to be slightly less obnoxious than he was in ep 2, which is a shock.  But unfortunately the events of ep 3 have given him all the reason he needs to turn into a complete monster.  So we’ll have to see how that goes next week.

For now let’s talk about 3.03.

The Opening Scenes

Actually I changed my mind, I’m going to touch on the first scene in the Clexa section below.

But I do want to say, about the second scene in the ep – It really was kind of a laughably idiotic move for that Ice Nation guy to let Lexa trick him into walking right up to the “window”/ledge.  And yet I somehow still didn’t manage to see his demise coming.  So it was enjoyable at least on first watch.


This was a good Clarke ep, but I did have a couple quibbles:

Clarke told Lexa in the first scene to go float herself at the suggestion of ever bowing to her, and I think it’s how anyone in their right mind would react in that moment.  But then a bit later, Clarke’s change of plan from “Maybe I’ll kill Lexa with this knife” to “I’ll bow before Lexa and Skaikru will join her coalition” was … abrupt.  I guess we’re to assume she was stewing on it the whole time she was sitting in that room holding the knife.  It’s not that I feel she really had much of an alternative option, but the decision just came strangely easily is all.  Of course we never thought she’d even come close to actually killing Lexa; Clarke has a heart and that’s why we love her.  No matter how pissed and disappointed she is in Lexa, they were friends and even potential love interests at some point, so she would never be able to then just knife her in the throat.

And even beyond that, setting hearts and friendships and feelings aside, it wouldn’t logically or strategically make sense to kill Lexa.  Clarke would be doing the Ice Queen’s bidding in that case, and by all accounts at this point, the Ice Queen should maybe be named the Cunt Queen.  Clarke has no reason in the universe to trust the that psycho lunatic even a little bit.  Lexa may be unreliable, but at least she’s a known quantity, and on the evil scale, she’s nowhere near the level of the Ice Queen.  And there’s really no third option here.  Telling them both to f*ck off would put her back out there with a target on her head and far less of an army to back her up.

So bottom line, yes, she made the right decision … I just was a little weirded out at how quickly she did that 180.  I was also slightly miffed at how cold she was to Abby in their first reunion scene and then how she didn’t even attempt to explain herself to Bellamy at the end there, lol.  At least she told Abby what she was up to.  Maybe we’re to assume that Bellamy overheard that explanation too.  Anyway Clarke, I hope you know what you’re doing.  But it wouldn’t be The 100 if it doesn’t all fall to shit next week, right?


Echo and The Assassin

I gotta say, the best thing about this episode was that I was certain I had most of it figured out from the previews, but then what went down here with the Ice Nation assassin and with Echo completely threw me for a loop.  I started to suspect Echo was up to no good as soon as they found those dead guards in the cars, because of the look on her face in that scene, but I still never put 2 and 2 together that the assassin was in Mount Weather until it actually happened.  Good job, The 100.

Seriously, Echo though, WTF!!  I trusted you, bitch!!  We all trusted you!  You seemed so cool in Mount Weather last season when you helped Bellamy!  Honestly if I have another quibble with this ep, it’s that I really don’t understand why this character would turn like this.  It’s convenient for the plot, but does it make sense for her character?  I guess when you work for the Ice Queen, maybe you have no choice but to do what she tells you … but Echo also seemed pretty willing to do this dirty deed.  She seemed like she took pleasure in it.  It’s a lot easier to take a bit character and make them turn from good to evil on a dime than it is a character who you’ve actually fleshed out, which is why it feels like a bit of a manipulation, but oh well.  At least it made for a good plot twist.*

* And I say this as someone who has an extremely low tolerance for plot twists – There are so many shows that throw them in left and right just for the sake of shock value and then they forget the importance of simply telling a good story.  Knock wood, I haven’t found that The 100 has this issue so far.  Using them sparingly makes them much more effective.


Boy, if there were ever a dream-come-true episode for the Clexa fans, this was it.  It may not have involved making out or anything, but there was a lot of physicality and emotion involved.  The first scene involved Clarke still very much in “fuck you” mode after being kept there a week.  I say “kept” because those were some swanky quarters to be imprisoned in.  But still, she couldn’t have left if she’d tried to.  It was a great scene that touched on most of what still needed addressing after last season – from Lexa leaving Clarke & Skaikru to die at Mouth Weather to Lexa accusing Clarke of misdirecting her hatred in order to distract from the self-loathing she has after she fried the Moutain Peeps.  Clarke: “Oh I can do both.”

Lexa’s challenge to Clarke that what she did to the Mountain People was not much different than what Lexa did to her … there was some truth to it, although I still look at them as two different situations.  Clarke hadn’t spent episodes and episodes working out a deal/alliance with the Mountain Men the way she had with Lexa and Trikru.  Clarke also never made any promise to the Mountain Men to save them; the only promise she ever made was that she’d do her very best to use the do-no-harm approach.  And she did do everything in her power to stick to this approach.  But yes, despite all this, I do think the comparison does have some merit, in that Clarke did kill people who had acted as allies within Mount Weather and who had attempted to help protect the Skaikru being held in there.  Which prompted Clarke’s retort, “The difference is I had no choice, and you have no honor.”  Also a valid point.  With Lexa, there was a legit agreed-upon handshake deal that was not honored.

Anywho.  I already touched on the “maybe I’ll stab Lexa in the throat but probably not” scene above, but I’ll just add here that the scene was emotionally effective in showing Clarke’s mental anguish, along with a fairly genuine-seeming “I’m sorry” from Lexa.  “I never meant to turn you into this …”  Well, it’s too late now, babe.

Lastly, the final scene of Clarke and Lexa staring each other down was definitely pretty striking – Two powerful leaders, each with their own goals and strategies, and each with their own people to protect.  Will they be allies this season?  Will they be at odds?  I’m almost certain it will be a bit of both.  A good visual in that scene though.

O.k. one more thing on this topic before I move on.  Lexa and Clarke’s journeys with each other always seem to be in different places at all times.  Lexa believed in Clarke and probably even fell in love with her extremely early on in their relationship, and really has never wavered from there, even when she was peacing out on Clarke at Mt. Weather.  And now in season 3, Lexa makes it clear that her faith in and love for Clarke is stronger than it’s ever been.  Clarke, meanwhile, was completely clueless to any of this in the beginning – all she wanted was an ally to help her free her people from Mt. Weather.  Then the relationship moved to a friends phase, and then when the kiss happened, Clarke clearly considered something more in that moment, before her pragmatic side kicked back in.  It still seemed like Clarke would be open to it in the future, though, until Lexa betrayed her.  Then it was sheer hatred from Clarke, and now it’s worked itself back to “I still don’t trust this bitch but mmaaayyybe she’s changed.  I have no choice but to work with her right now, but I’m not gonna turn my back on her for one second.”

Where will they both be by the end of season 3?  I have a feeling Lexa will likely prove that she’s changed, and they’ll be copacetic (at least in the business sense and the friendship sense – the romantic elements are always anyone’s guess on this show).  But we’ll see.  For now though, I do find it interesting that Lexa is most definitely ignoring the motto she’s always lived by, which is “never think with your heart.”  And it’s probably gonna come back to bite her.


Is Roan pissed at Clarke after she decided not to take his deal?  Was he involved in the bombing of Mount Weather?  I guess we’ll get these questions answered next week.


Boy if there were ever a horrible episode for Bellarke fans, this was it.  These two did NOT leave on good terms at the end, huh?  Bellamy is pretty sure Clarke just stabbed him in the back.  Uggh, these two … I’m just not getting good feelings about where the writers will take them this season.  Their relationship (again like with the Clexa sitch I’m not focusing on romantic aspects here) has always been one of the core foundations of this series, so I hope we don’t spend this entire season with them completely at odds.  But I’m not gonna hold my breath.



Uggh, Bellamy, oh Bellamy.  You may recall that I spent a good chunk of my review last week having a conniption fit over the idea that they are going to “pull a Finn” with him this season.  Ep 3.03 then left me fairly relieved, because the “obsession with saving Clarke” aspect of this didn’t go the Finn route.  Yes, Bellamy was very focused on “saving” her (not that she needs saving), but not to the point where he lost his marbles over it.  So, thank god for that.  But sadly, like I mentioned earlier in this review, ep 3.03 perfectly set both Pike and Bellamy up for BAD things this season.  A good number of Pike’s people were killed in the Mount Weather attack, directly validating Pike’s already-intense hatred for all Grounders.  And Bellamy’s girlfriend Gina was murdered as well, which now sets him up to let Pike influence him into revenge-focused activities.  Not good.

I felt genuinely bad for Gina during her death scene, which is 100% credit to the actress herself, not really to the writing.  The writing, the more I think about it, set Gina up as nothing more than a plot device.  She suddenly appeared for just long enough to give Bellamy a reason to turn bad this season.  It’s a credit to the actress that she elevated the character above what the writers had created on paper.  I’m gonna hate ep 3.04, aren’t I??  Goddamnit.

Octavia and Indra – What’s their ship name?  Octindra?  I need to look that up on Tumblr.

All I have to say here is that if Bellamy is about to be ruined this season (ARRGH), I hope Octavia steps up to the plate as the Blake I can really root for.  Don’t let me down, girl.  And hey Indra, I’m really loving you this season.  From your re-instating Octavia as your second to your bestie-ship with Kane, you are winning me over big time.  If anyone hurts you, I will murder them.  And if Bellamy hurts you, I will murder the writers.  Figuratively, I mean!!  With my words!  Not physically.  I swear.



Their relationship is budding.  From enemies to frenemies to besties to maybe some romance … I’m into it.  As it is with Octavia, I really hope that neither Kane nor Abby lose their shit this season.


Oh my god, Raven.  I said in my 3.01 review that although the writers love torturing Raven, I didn’t think they had stepped over the line into ridiculous/gratuitous territory with this just yet.  But blowing her up in ep 3.03 after she already was having physical and mental pain from being blown up and shot and partially paralyzed last season!?  Maybe NOW the line has been crossed.  And it was sad to watch after Raven was in such a great classic-cocky-Raven mood in the first half of the ep.  Clearly her journey is going to be rough this season, again.  But I really, really hope she can get onto a more positive journey at SOME point before we all die.  We can’t let Raven lose her spirit entirely.

On a positive note, how sweet was Sinclair in this ep?  That was nice to see.  Keep it up, Sinclair.

Wow this was long.  I had a lot to say.  What else is new?  Anyway, overall a very good ep.  See ya next week.  Brace yourselves, I’m afraid I’m gonna hate the next one.  Like 3.03’s title has instructed me, I am abandoning all hope.  :fastens seatbelt: …

My rating for ep 3.03: 92/100

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